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Profile - Jellybelly Customs - Matt Whitehead - Matthew Whitehead - Hand Held Legend




• Leicester, United Kingdom

Started by Matt Whitehead as a hobby in 2016, as a way to reconnect with the consoles of his childhood, he was frustrated at the lack of access to the parts and equipment needed - and set about changing the situation.

The focus of Jellybelly Customs is today much what it was then, and now with a lab full of equipment from an industrial UV printer and a milling machine, to hand-made molds and stacks of consoles. The custom builds use an array of his own creations such as custom buttons and more that he molds himself to custom specialty circuit boards (PCBs) of his own design.

He spends his time doing custom consoles and creating many of the parts that he and others had limited access to - definitely a positive impact in the modding community.



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• 2019-05-24: Freckle Shack vs McWill by Jellybelly Customs