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New York City, New York, US

Matt G has always loved portable gaming. He got his first limited edition gold colored Gameboy pocket as a child and started collecting Gameboy games. He began modding PSPs back in 2005, later installing different colored shells, custom firmware, creating what was known as Pandora batteries and making recovery memory sticks for friends and forum goers. Fast forward to 2016 when he would backlight his first DMG Gameboy. Too many solder bridges led him to sending it to another more experienced modder to fix. Upon receiving it he opened it up, learned what the mistakes were and made another one perfectly, bivert included. The rest is history. Matt now shares his work on Instagram, occasionally selling modded DMGs, Gameboy Pockets and GBA-101 systems in a variety of colors, and providing support for anyone trying to mod a Gameboy system themselves.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys listening to music, playing video games and researching more mods he can do on his handhelds.



• 2019-06-21: A tale of two Pockets: 5v step-up regulator install by linklooklisten (Matt G)