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• Warrington, Pennsylvania, US

An avid electronics tinkerer, Shawn Maxwell started out self-taught, taking apart everything he could get his hands on as a child. This hobby progressed into repairing and even designing custom electronics. He eventually went on to obtain Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, specializing in the areas of embedded programming, digital communications, and power electronics.

In 2010, in the midst of his college education he started a YouTube channel, sjm4306, to share various teardowns, electronics projects, reviews and whatever else happened to catch his attention. In the vein of retro mods, he has designed the world’s first touch controlled RGB backlight controller with digital bivert control for the dmg and pocket. After nearly nine years on YouTube he continues to expand his skills in soldering, repair, PCB design, firmware programming, circuit design, 3D modeling and printing.



• 2019-06-28: Electrolytic Capacitors in Retro Electronics