RBG Instruction Page

This RGB (Red, Green, Blue) backlight can change color based on which connections are grounded. Mix your ground connections to make a variety of colors! Check out the pictures to get an idea of how to mix colors to get the desired effect. 

Colors created:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Teal (Green + Blue)
  • Yellow/Green (Green + Red)
  • Purple (Red + Blue)
  • Ice Blue White (Red + Blue + Green)

Make sure to use the correct resistors for each color (assuming a 4.5-5V source in a DMG):

  • Green = 100ohm resistor
  • Blue  = 100ohm resistor
  • Red  = 150ohm resistor

Ground the left most ground to get a green color

Ground the middle to get blue

Right side is red

Mix Green and Blue to get light blue or teal

Red + Blue = Purple

Green + Red = Yellow

Ground all 3 to get a special white