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Big, bright, beautiful.

This is for sure the best screen to date. It's bigger, brighter, and has more settings than my old FP IPS v2 kit. The downside is that in order to use every feature of this unit you will need to do some light soldering. Also a tip - you can get pre-cut Q5 shells off Ebay if you don't want to mutilate an original. I appreciated the free Glass screen lens too. Overall extremely good screen kit that's a bit on the expensive side and maybe a moderate skill level is needed to install. The picture has a TFT next to the Q5.

IPS kit + bracket + lenses

The lenses with holo letters feel a little cheap because it's actually the double sided tape that you can see through the glass, so it can show bubbles and a slightly darker area around the lettering of the white ones... And the font is weirdly bold compared to the original (it's missing the black stroke adound it). On the other hand, the pikachu printed one is awesome! I wish they were all the same quality. Overall the result is great and it's better in glass than plastic, but not perfect :p

IPS kit + bracket + lenses

The screen is beautiful and was super easy to install event with no prior experience in electronics. It was difficult to align it correctly however, I had to add some cellotape onto the bracket to pad the screen in place better (but not perfectly...). I think it's more visible with a white lens than a black one, though.

great upgrade

amazing screen, easy install, good support from HHL

Stick with the old IPS until bugs are worked out

I was very excited about the fact that I may possibly be able to stop cutting my shells, but alas, that is not yet the option. The screen functions fine upon testing but when wrapping up the job and putting the two halves together, mine would not fit. It was so close, but just off enough to where modification of the shell is required. After modifying the shell so the screen would fit, I go the two halves together to find out that somthing had bridged, frying the GBA, as well as the screen had shattered in the process. I don't want to give up hope, but I recommend sticking with the old IPS v2 until the new clouds have their tolerances and bugs worked out.

works great, TV out looks great on a PVM

I did this mod along with the cleanjuice and audio amp upgrade, and it all works together really well. While I don't use the TV out regularly, it looks fantastic on my PVM and makes up for not having a gameboy player or the like.

easy to use and works great

I did this mod along with the IPS v3 screen and the amp upgrade, it feels like a modern system now.

Very nice screen

It is a really nice, bright screen and the installation isn’t terribly challenging, however it is very fragile and very sensitive to any twisting. In my case I think that I needed to reposition the adhesive backing and that pulled enough on the back to break something important in the LCD

Great shell!

I bought the Blue Raspberry shell and the Golden Sun(?) buttons for a Zero Suit Samus themed SP. Worked like a charm. I also bought a set of glow membranes not realizing that the clear shells already come with some... BUT. Even closed, the glow in the dark effect is awesome. Can't lose your SP in a dark room if you've had it open. The only sucker about it is the screw holes might need a wee bit of trimming. Didn't bother with the included screws. You already have an original set...

Remod goodness

Being able to give new life to classic gba hardware is awesome and nostalgic

It works

Yep, it works 👍

So clean! Great buy!

This was a great reshell and feels top quality. I’ll definitely get one again.

GameCube Controller Buttons

I like 'em. Stuck 'em in a WaveBird, really snazzed it up. However, the start button on a WaveBird must be a lil' different than a regular Gamecube controller so I had to stick something up under it to make it fit right. It wasn't unexpected that things would be slightly different, and I repeat, I do like 'em.

Was never delivered

I ordered this 2 weeks ago and still hasn’t shipped

Awesome product

Great product. Easy to install.

Very close to original, but colors are slightly off

Fitment was perfect, quality of the glass is great. My only disappointment is that the colors are not quite as vibrant. It is not noticable unless you compare it to the original colors. If I was trying to do a faithful restoration as close to original as possible, I would not use this—but for everything else, it works great.

Great shipping

Game Boy Advance IPS Screen Lens - Tempered Glass

GBC CleanPower

Easy installation onto the PCB and works great!

Game Boy DMG Q5 Retro Pixel IPS LCD Kit - Funnyplaying

Does its job but...

The screen works as it should. No surprises. Except for the small spot in the center it has. It doesn't show if the screen is turned on, but it's clearly visible if the screen is off. I don't know if it's an air bubble or what. Other than that, it's good.

They should keep the documentation updated...

The product by itself works well. However, it didn't come with the wire-free ribbons. It was concerning as neither in the documentation, or in the purchase page itself this is mentioned at all. The wire-free kit is mentioned far more in the documentation than the wired installation, so it was a surprise to me to find out the wire-free kit isn't included. I had to buy it directly from RetroSix (their provider) which added non-contemplated costs and taxes to what should be a direct transaction.

What can I say about the kit? It's good. Does its work. Not much to say. Just be careful when purchasing from Handheld Legend.

Worked perfectly!

I got the battery LED to come on but nothing else worked. This board was the fix I needed. Worked perfectly!

Game Boy Console Sleeve / Sock / Dust Cover
Thomaz de Oliveira dos Reis
One size fits all, doesn't fits very well

I think it's too big to use with Gameboy Color. It works, but it would be much better if it was smaller. The quality overall is good for the price.