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So far so good.

I’ve only had them for about a week, but so far so good. Piece of cake to install. Came almost fully charged. Only took 30 min or so to top it off. Haven’t had to recharge yet. I play 2-3 hours a day and often pause the game and get distracted for 20-30 min before getting back to it. I have the fp IPs screen installed along with the clean amp pro and dehum dehiss kits. I run the brightness at about a 7 and volume at about half. The green led stays green and doesn’t flicker red like my battery op modded gbas.


Didn’t know I could link DMGs to COLORs. Tanks

Works fantastic!

It’s really elevated my Switch with the lights coming through the buttons and it was easy enough to put together. So awesome!

Great Shop!

I ordered a couple Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color cartridge cases from Handheld Legend. The shipped immediately and arrived within three days. They fit the games perfectly and are of nice quality. They sent a few free stickers, even though my order was a few dollars. Cool store.

This is my second IPS shell and screen to order from Handheld Legends. I'm very satisfied with the end result. Make sure and don't forget to order replacement hinges when changing shells they break really easy when removing.

Super easy instal

Great little drop in unit, super easy to instal. Easy Peazy!

Always a pleasure

Items were perfect


The shell looks goodand is easy to install. However, the angle that the hinge sets at is closer to how you would open a laptop and it does not close fully. And the design on the inside was not put on properly and so was not laying flat. And to top it off, returns are not free, so if I wanted to return it would have to pay for the return myself, which I am always against.


This screen looks fantastic, is easy to install, and the brightness button works great and is a simple soldering job.
For me, the only problem with it, amd why it gets four stars, is the touch screen implementation. Admittedly, I may have done it wrong, but the touch screen pads just caused the screen to cycle colors nonstop. I ended up just desoldering them and installed it without them.

Super easy install

The installation is really just 4 solder joints that line up perfectly with the back of the motherboard. the dip switches do require a super fine point to click, but I have no complaints - I've been waiting for a form factor like this for a while and getting my hands on one that is such high build quality is so satisfying. I do recommend using gel flux to tin the flex pcb before soldering as it will make the experience much easier.

Nice looking, bad quality.

Received the white shell a while back and tried a shell swap. Wouldn’t say I’m green enough to crank down on the fastening screws, but had two holes strip first time trying to assemble. Gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe I’d just put a bit too much torque for what the plastic could handle. Received a replacement (great HHL customer service experience) and had the same thing happen on the same screw holes. No motherboard no buttons no screen in the shell, just front and back together, plastic couldn’t catch screws at all and they just spun.

They make pretty shells, but I’m not seeing much reason to buy this shell again.

Game Boy Advance IPS LCD V2 - Funnyplaying

Extremely impressed

Package came early the shell I ordered was high quality. Will be using again to build my custom gba!

Game Boy Color & Pocket Clear Speaker - Funnyplaying

bios not upgradable

Works if you don't plan on going larger than 2TB
as other review states bios is not upgradable

Great and Easy Replacement

This is a no-brainer: If you're repairing/modding an old GBC with a scratched-up lens, pop it out and replace it with one of these.

Great Modification, Despite Brightness Control Ribbon Cable

I installed this in a trimmed OEM shell with a GCB motherboard that includes a replacement power switch, PAM8302a Amp, and a new power regulator, along with some updated buttons. This was my most "technical" build yet, and a big THANK YOU goes to the HHL Team (Jack in particular) for fielding my (verbose) questions about proper installation, power consumption, and the like. I understand some fellow reviewers' qualms about the updated ribbon cable for brightness control, but I was able to tuck it into the front-top center of the shell, where it worked wonderfully until I installed my power regulator. I believe the new regulator has affected the way the LCD consumes and draws power for the brightness control, but losing this control hasn't really bothered me. Ultimately, I am thrilled to have a louder, clearer, and more vibrant GBC system, the updated LCD is a robust improvement.

ok but that's normal

I got them and they worked as expected. Just like all reproduction hinges you buy OEM ones they will never snap shut like the original hinges but that is what I was ok with so I bought them. If you are looking to buy some please do keep that in mind but besides that they were absolutely perfect.

It did the trick!

Got my Everdrive working. That with my IPS display draw a lot of power so with the constant clean 5V that this puts out solved the problem during load crashes

CleanJuice Game Boy Advance (V1.3) Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Module

Game Boy Advance USB-C Battery Cover for CleanJuice GBA

Huge improvement

It's a simple install but it makes a huge difference being able to charge internal batteries with a USB c.


I had an absolute blast assembling this kit and am in awe with how beautiful the screen is. 🙂

Excelente quality

The shell is absolutely beautiful it looks amazing and the feel is just as good. If you want quality this is it!

USB-C charging port

In modern times where almost every device with a buit in rechargable batteryuses a USB-C port, a Gameboy Advance destined for traveling MUST have one of those for the convenience of using the same phone charger for your in the go gaming device, same as the Nintendo switch by the way. So, one USB-C cable to charge them all!? Welcome!!