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Works perfectly!

I have a GBA with IPS V3 screen and Supercard Mini flashcart. CleanJuice works perfectly with this setup, battery life is great and installation was easy. The only tricky part was to make the custom cover fit properly, you need to be very careful to not break anything. I’m super happy with the purchase and enjoying a lot my GBA!

Top Flash card with minor flaws

As far as GBA games for sake of simplicity goes it works out of the box.
if you want to use Cheats or GB/GBC games it gets glitchy sometimes.
But pretty solid product.

Nice replacement

Purchased these (and other mods) to fix a pair of broken joycons. Fit is perfect, no issues, just drop in the components from the broke set and they feel like new.

Backlight and bivet

The backlight and bivert chip fit perfectly and work as intended. I find the backlight is far too bright however and recommended the kit coming with a resister to dim it down as I will be sourcing and installing one in mine.

Absolutely perfect

Color is great and feels amazing

Quality cosmetic upgrade

Buttons seem to be of great quality. Chameleon paint is nice and even, no imperfections. Home button may have to be sanded down to fit in translucent ring.

Nice, easy mod

Easy install, I paired this with the chameleon purple/blue buttons. Looks great.

They Probably Work Fine

I ended up having to reorder the CR1616 size Game Boy Save batteries for my Metroid II cartridge, so check what's inside your game cartridge before you order. It would be nice if you could select either battery size.

Better than original

This glass is much nicer than the original plastic lens. Looks absolutely authentic and cleans better while being much clearer and scratch resistant.

Better than OEM

This tempered glass lens is absolutely gorgeous! I got the one with the holographic logo, and it is seriously awesome. Aftermarket parts are often times inferior to OEM parts, but there's no competition in this case. The logo even matches the original font perfectly. 10/10 will absolutely be slapping these on any Gameboy builds I do moving forward.


Used on my Gameboy Light

Route Package Protection
Andre Agostinelli

Route Package Protection

Not required a Ph. D. for installing.

Quite fast the installing process. Still missing a step by step guide but you don’t need to know nuclear science for installing.

Stand is perfect!

Stand came with a protective film to prevent any scratches or scuffs during shipment. This definitely gave my SPs that pop that was needed! Highly recommend

Game Boy Micro LCD Replacement
Vincenzo Balistreri
Exactly right

Fit perfectly and the screen came protected. Couldn't ask for more!

An amazing screen!

I restored my voriginal Game Boy and since the screen had to be replaced anyway, I thought I would give it an upgrade. I watched some YouTube videos and this is the one that was recommended.
It was easy to install (even easier with their new 'alignment' piece of plastic that's included), and it works flawlessly. I recorded what the screen looked like before, and how it looks now, and the difference is astounding. I highly recommend! YouTube video placeholder
It hasn't arrived yet

I'll wait a few more days and if it doesn't arrive, I'll proceed with the refund.

Bad quality

I ordered a display and it had pixel problème. The replacement one you sent me had the same issue.
Each delivery I pay 13€ tax so I juste want to be fully refunded.

Works as intended

I used them in Gameboy/Gameboy Color carts. Works great, only downside is they’re a little pricey in my opinion.

Tried to charge it, and it died.

So, after jumping through hoops to finally get it to work in my GBC (it doesn't fit in the retrosix shells) I went to charge it. It never stopped charging, and stopped providing power to my GBC. So, I literally bought a shell that I'm not going to use, just to get the battery that broke right away to work. I'm kinda anti-retrosix at this point.

Excellent Mod

With current technology, no reason to use 6 batteries to power the game gear when on the move. Great product, very easy install.


perfect for the color. sound is clear and loud. will be buying again soon!

SEGA Game Gear Prestige Buttons
Peregrine Hendricks
Feel great, but the d-pad

these buttons feel great, and fit great, except the d-pad, which sorta feel like mush compared to the original, also you do need their rubber pads, but only for the d-pad.

SEGA Game Gear Prestige Shell
Peregrine Hendricks
Screws are crap

The overall shape and feel of the shell is fine, but the screws that come with it strip at the drop of a hat, one of them stripped so bad that it's now stuck, and I can't get the shell apart at all, which has trapped my board in the shell. If it weren't for the quality of the shell itself, that would earn it a 1 star review