RGB Backlight

How did we ever play our Game Boys without an illuminated screen? Unless you had a clunky attachment and some extra batteries, this task was not easy for a 90's kid who just wanted to play Pokemon at night.


  • 7 rich color options
  • Thinnest backlight available at 1.23mm
  • >90% uniformity
  • Four 28 gauge tinned wires included
  • 3 resistors included (2x 100 ohm, 1x 150 ohm)
  • DMG and Pocket compatible

This RGB (Red, Green, Blue) backlight can change color based on which connections are grounded. Mix your ground connections to make a variety of colors! Now you can play both consoles in the dark or give your Game Boy a makeover! You can also display your screen in an "inverted" orientation to give your pixels a retro look.

Colors created:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Teal (Green + Blue)
  • Yellow/Green (Green + Red)
  • Purple (Red + Blue)
  • Ice Blue White (Red + Blue + Green)
Find installation instructions here. See pictures for solder points on the Game Boy Pocket. You will need no resistor for the blue and green grounds but use the 100 ohm resistor for the red ground.