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Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy, Game Boy DMG, DMG, DMG-001, Game Boy Pocket, GBP, MGB, MGB-001
Ever heard of Newton Rings? Maybe not the name, but we're sure you've seen them... the 'liquid drop' like look under an LCD. Today we cover what they are and how to eliminate them... even though it sounds funny how it's done!

Joining the #weekofgamegears that @jellybellycustoms (Instagram) kicked off, we want to share his collection... many we’ve never seen before! Which is your favorite? Ours? The cream-colored one!


Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, Chroma_Works, GBC, CGB-001
Ok so it’s not the first pure-white Game Boy Color we’ve seen, but they always catch our attention. You know, we haven’t seen an all-white Game Boy Advance or SP. Anyone have one they want to show off?
Color here by @chroma_works (


Hand Held Legend, HHL, tamagirl327 Instagram, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB001
We're often in awe of what people do with their consoles and love being part of the process when gear is purchased from us. Check out @tamagirl327 (Instagram) for a post from a while back for a real inspiring piece! Original posting:



Hand Held Legend, HHL, Kyle Bottorff, Pocket Bivert, Game Boy Pocket, MGB, MGB-001, GBP

Shout-out to Kyle Bottorff ( for his high-quality image of our Pocket Bivert ( installed in his Game Boy Pocket. Tidy, clean, install and we've added it to our product shots as well. Thank you kindly, Kyle!

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Voltage regulators
Voltage regulation is what I'm writing about today, in a long overdue article - it's been a while... sorry folks! To get us back on track today I'm covering what I thought mysterious at one point - you may too - but really is one of the most simple concepts and mods. Take a look as I explain why: Shout-out to Shawn Maxwell ( and Roarke Murdock ( for their help in my learning!

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, GBC, AGB-001, China backlit LCD kit
Matt over at @jellybellycustoms (Instagram and Facebook) release a write-up yesterday covering the 'Game Boy Color China backlit LCD kit' we sell... most notably check out the ease of installation and power efficiency - it really is the most efficient out at the moment.

12-03 (Tuesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Retro Repairs, RetroRepairs, Adam, Game Boy Advance, GBA, AGB, AGB-001, Funnyplaying, Funny Playing
Our friends at RetroRepairs (YouTube) just installed the Game Boy Advance IPS LCD kit we sell and shares their perspective, adding to the set of knowledge and shared insights about the mod. If you're not already familiar, RetroRepairs is a hidden gem with a devout following and we love their passion for sharing their knowledge with others to learn from.

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Shawn Maxwell, sjm4306, Funny Playing, Funnyplaying, GBA IPS LCD, Game Boy Advance, GBA, AGB, AGB-001
Monday bonus! Check out Shawn (sjm4306 on YouTube) showcasing the Funny Playing Game Boy Advance IPS LCD kit we sell... not only installation, but also end-result comparison with an AGS-101 display.

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Cyber Monday 2019, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP
Treat yourself, or someone you know, to some gear for their Game Boy, Sega, or other console today during our Cyber Monday event! Spend $40 today and get a $10 gift card to use between now and Christmas Eve. Add this ( to your cart to participate.



Hand Held Legend, HHL, Ben Heck, element14, Game Boy, DMG, Game Boy DMG, DMG-001
A while back, Ben Heck (electrical engineer from element14) made a GIANT Game Boy, and of course documented the process. Can you imagine what this would be like to play? All aspects of the build are covered in the detailed video.

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Boxy Pixel Hand Held Legend, HHL, Boxy Pixel Hand Held Legend, HHL, Boxy Pixel Hand Held Legend, HHL, Boxy Pixel
(o.O) Did you see what Boxy Pixel (@boxypixel) recently announced? Continuing the line of beautiful anodized aluminium shells, there’s now a DMG-style offering made to house a Raspberry Pi CM3 module and component. We think they’re stunning. How about you?

Hand Held Legend, HHL, sjm4306, Shawn Maxwell, YouTube, Legendary League
We love sharing knowledge, and we love others in the community who do too. We're glad to be sponsoring some YouTube channels - such as Shawn's sjm4306 ( - to help them grow, share knowledge, and thrive. No matter how many subs a channel has, we're focused on the content. Glad to be partnering with sjm4306, and more soon!

11-18 (Monday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, backlit LCD kit
Thank you, Shawn (sjm4306 on YouTube), for a solid showing of installing the Game Boy Color backlit LCD kit and how easy it is! It literally takes mere minutes to get it up and going. Check out his video at

11-15 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Modifications and Custom Consoles, Modders, Certified, Certified Hand Held Legend Dodders
Sometimes modifying your own console can seem daunting, but that doesn't mean you can't have you dream console. We just updated our list of modifiers, and custom console sellers. Ours is a curated list of reputable businesses we've worked with over time. We'll continue to add to this list as needed...

11-15 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Pocket, GBP, MGB-001
Woo hoo - we're glad to announce that we finally have in the Game Boy Pocket backlit TFT LCD kit! Imagine playing one of your favorite consoles with all the benefits of a high-quality backlit display... but you don't need to just imagine, come get yours!

11-14 (Thursday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, AGS-101, AGB-001, display LCD mod, Game Boy Advance, IPS
Thinking of a Game Boy Advance backlit LCD mod? On the heels of @jayboymodz (Insta) doing a general comparison, we took a deep-dive into power consumption... and the results may surprise you! This is great data to use as you plan the mods in your own console.

11-13 (Wednesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Jellybelly Customs, Matt Whitehead, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, Gold Hand Held Legend, HHL, Jellybelly Customs, Matt Whitehead, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, Gold Hand Held Legend, HHL, Jellybelly Customs, Matt Whitehead, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, Gold Hand Held Legend, HHL, Jellybelly Customs, Matt Whitehead, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, Gold
Our good friend Matt (@jellybellycustoms Instagram) recently molded some gold buttons, show cased in these two beautifully minimalistic consoles. Buttons and lens on sale now, consoles soon to come.

11-12 (Tuesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, JayBoyModz, GBA, Game Boy Advance, AGB-001, AGS-001, GBA IPS LCD, Backlit, Backlight
The respected modder @jayboymodz released a video comparing the AGS-101 and new GBA IPS LCDs... check out the video weighing the pros and cons! Thank you, jayboymodz! 🙏

11-01 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, Wiring, Space, Voltage
[ 10% off your entire order through Nov 3rd at Midnight Eastern time! Use discount code: HappyHalloween ]
A long overdue follow-up to our Game Boy DMG overview, in today's video we take an overview of the Game Boy Color. Discussed are replacing burned polarizers on the Color, spaces for mods, suggested wiring routes, and points for regulated and unregulated (battery) voltage. As always, please let us know what you would like to see more - and less - of!

11-01 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Happy Halloween, HappyHalloween
Discount code (10% off entire order): HappyHalloween
Happy Halloween from us at Hand Held Legend! You bought a bunch of candy to hand out to the neighborhood ghosts and ghouls, so now it's time to save some money! Just use the link before, or type in the discount code "HappyHalloween" at checkout to get 10% your full order. Use the code as many times as you please. This will go until Sunday night at 11:59p Eastern US time. Enjoy!



10-28 (Monday)

10-25 (Friday)

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Macro, GBM, Nintendo DS, Nintendos DS Lite
Can I get a drumroll around here please? We're glad to announce something we've been working on a little while here... we've come to admire the works of @joebleeps and @bobmodsusa and have opened our small-and-growing GAME BOY MACRO section! Come check it out:

10-22 (Tuesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Jellybelly Customs, Matt Whitehead, Matthew Whitehead, JBC, Game Boy, Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP
Yesterday we became aware that Jellybelly Customs (@jellybellycustoms on Instagram) owner, Matt Whitehead, was interviewed by Nintendo Life. The interview, done nearly a year ago, shares how - and why - Matt got into handhelds and has grown his skills and business. For only being ~6m30s there are a lot of insights into modding, mindset, and more.

10-18 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Mizucat, Mizucat official, 80s, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite
Yesterday we shared @mizucatofficial’s 80s-themed Nintendo Switch Lite... we reached out to her to find out how she did it and a bit of what inspires her. She kindly shared this quick overview of the build. :) We may have something in the works together, fingers crossed, so stay tuned and check out the video in the meanwhile:

10-14 (Monday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Neo Geo, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color, NGP, NGPC, backlit LCD, backlight, LCD
Woo hoo! Today we'll have the Neo Geo Pocket Color backlit LCD kits back in stock... these is the same awesome LCD as the Game Boy Color backlit LCD, but with a ribbon cable for the NGPC. They've been getting rave reviews... check out this afternoon or evening (Eastern time in the US) to see if we show them in stock. Right now they are sold-out, but not for long...


10-11 (Friday)

In today's video we get into the details of refurbishing the electronics of a Game Boy Color. Whether you're modding your console or just want to get it back to nearly-new condition, this is a great primer on the internals. We get into audio and volume issues, speaker rot, power problems, and more.
As always let us know what you'd like to see by writing to:

10-04 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, PAM8302A, PAM, 8302, 8302A, amplifier, speaker
Woo hoo - our audio amplification kits are back in stock! They feature the PAM8302A 2.5-watt amplifier and your choice of a 23mm (Pocket, Color, Advance) or 28mm (DMG) 2-watt speaker upgrade. At only 1.85x2.11cm its size hides just how much it boosts the audio of any console it's installed in.


09-27 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Advance, GBA, AGB-001, backlit, LCD, IPS, Funnyplaying, funny playing, V2
We released some news this past weekend and posting again... guess what... we have the Game Boy Advance IPS backlit LCD (V2!) in stock and they're calling your name! Wont you give your GBA some backlit love and bring one into your home?

09-23 (Monday)

Hand Held Legend, HHL, LOCA, OCA, liquid optically clear adhesive, optically clear adhesive, Frontlight, Front light, frontlit, front lit, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, Game Boy Advance, GBA, AGB-001

Frontlighting using LOCA isn't as intimidating as it may seem - take a look at today's video to find out how you can do it with ease with some guidance and best practices. LOCA is your friend. ;)

09-21 (Saturday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Modmatic, PowerUp Advance, Modmatic PowerUp Advance, PUA, Game Boy Advance, GBA, AGB-001
Well, well, well... we now also have in the much-anticipated Modmatic PowerUp Advance! The PUA is a battery mod for your Game Boy Advance that outfits it with a USB-C rechargeable 1,700mAh battery, boasting up to 16 hours of *backlit* play time and uses the native low-battery indication accurately too. Check it out: 

09-20 (Friday)

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Advance, GBA, AGB-001, backlit display, IPS
Finally - they're IN! We're thrilled to share the Game Boy Advance backlit IPS display is *in stock* now! A fully modern display to bring a whole new level of imagery to your classic GBA. They're likely to go quickly, so be sure to secure yours sooner than later!

09-19 (Thursday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, 1Up, Kain de Rivera, Atomik Mods, 4forfake
We've had a newer product offering, the 1Up series of game cartridge and console cleaning products... good ole Kain of Atomik Mods (@4forfake on Instagram) came to us raving about them and wants to share his thoughts with you... check out this brief review of the console cleaner.

09-19 (Thursday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, PAM8302A
By popular request, today we have the basic installation instructions for installing the PAM8302A amplifier into a Game Boy Advance. Happy modding!

09-16 (Monday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, LOCA, OCA, frontlight, front-light, front light
Frontlights. The can be intimidating and we get it... in today's article we talk about the newer no-LOCA/OCA solutions available and pit one up against a standard frontlight and installation to get to the truth of the matter. Come take a look:

09-13 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Soldering tips and techniques, sjm4306, Shawn Maxwell
Today we welcome sjm4306 (Shawn Maxwell) back to spread the word about soldering best practices - good reminders for some, and a solid starting point for others. Check it out:

09-11 (Wednesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color SP, GBCSP, gameboy_station
Game Boy Color SP, anyone…? Source: @gameboy_station

09-10 (Tuesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, 8bitaesthetics, jellybellycustoms, b_b_retro, jackies_gaming_art, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001
Woah - @8bitaesthetics is back at it again with a new design in collaboration with @jackies_gaming_art, @b_b_retro, and @jellybellycustoms (Instagram)... check out the original post with more details and upcoming work.

09-06 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Roberto Gualan, Bob Mods, Bobmods, Roberto Gualan, Game Boy Macro
He's back! We asked Roberto Gualan (@bobmodsusa on Instagram) if he'd write up a basic how-to for everyone on building your own Game Boy Macro... we're glad to say he agreed and we've got it posted. It's a neat process to check out, even if you won't be making your own. Shout-out to @neonadvance (Insta), @thisdoesnotcomp (Insta), and @theretrofuturephotos (Insta), for inspiring Roberto to craft these.

09-05 (Thursday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, backlit LCD
In case you missed it, all of our Game Boy Color backlit LCD kits now come with the matching lens - at no additional charge! One of the hottest items just became complete. There’s no bezel around the edges like the original-style lenses have, and is aligned to work with our own spacers.

09-04 (Wednesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Adam James, Game Boy Macro, GBM, The Retro Future Community
We're putting the spotlight on Adam James once again as he recently shared another Macro he finished, of course with his impressive "Game Boy Macro" logo-bar. Join the conversation on Facebook ( in the group "The Retro Future Community".

09-02 (Monday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, backlit LCD
We published a power consumption update to @jellybellycustoms' earlier work to compare how the Game Boy Color backlit LCD we sell stacks up to the main solutions on the market. Take a look, as you may be surprised at the result. This is also great data for knowing the overall impact to your console when doing multiple modifications.

2019-01 (Sunday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, backlit LCD, Dustin Hamilton
We *finally* published our video on how to install the backlit Game Boy Color LCD solution we sell... and the entire video clocks in at just 11 minutes... and that's including all the details along the way. Take a look and let us know what you think!


08-29 (Thursday)

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color backlit LCD
Now where were we? Ahh yes... backlit Game Boy Color LCDs... we now have the stock issues out of the way and they’re back up for sale. We have more coming and then still some in stock right now... grab yours before they go!⠀

08-28 (Wednesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Roberto Gualan, Game Boy Macro, Legendary League Hand Held Legend, HHL, Roberto Gualan, Game Boy Macro, Legendary League Hand Held Legend, HHL, Roberto Gualan, Game Boy Macro, Legendary League Hand Held Legend, HHL, Roberto Gualan, Game Boy Macro, Legendary League
Speaking of Game Boy Macros, we'll have an upcoming how-to that will cover the basics from yet another friend, Roberto Gualan (@bobmodsusa on Instagram)... he specializes in Macros, such as this custom for a customer of his. He's got plenty of terrific samples and readily shares his knowledge - a great thing in the community of modders.

08-23 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Advance SP, GBASP, GBA SP, GBA-SP, Game Boy Advance, shell, housing, translucent, clear, white Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Advance SP, GBASP, GBA SP, GBA-SP, Game Boy Advance, shell, housing, translucent, smoke, black, gray, grey Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Advance SP, GBASP, GBA SP, GBA-SP, Game Boy Advance, shell, housing, translucent, purple Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Advance SP, GBASP, GBA SP, GBA-SP, Game Boy Advance, shell, housing, translucent, purple, violet
You asked for them, you got them! We now have *clear* Game Boy Advance SP shells in stock in multiple colors. Choose from clear, purple, smoke, or others.

08-22 (Thursday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, nintendo_adam
Simply enough Adam Gomez's (Instagram: @nintendo_adam) favorite color combination is red and black, which resulted in a sharp Game Boy Color using a backlit Game Boy Color LCD.

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, backlit LCD

🤔 What if we said we had our backlit Game Boy Color LCDs back in stock...? Well we do - just got in our latest batch... be sure to get yours, as these sell quite quickly!

08-21 (Wednesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL,
We just refreshed our website a short while ago, and while it’s still in-progress as we do final touches and integrations, what do you think? What would you like to see more of? Less of? Let us know in the comments below!

08-19 (Monday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, CGB-001, GBC, backlit LCD, backlit display  Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, AGB-001, GBA, backlit IPS LCD, backlit IPS display
New flash: It's looking like we'll have our popular Game Boy Color backlit LCD in-stock this week or next, and the Game Boy Advance IPS backlit a bit further out in 2~4 weeks. We'll announce once we have them in stock and we'll have email notifications set up on the the new site design shortly!
• Game Boy Color:
• Game Boy Advance:

08-16 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Kain De Rivera, Chiptune, Chiptunes, Atomik Mods
Kain is back! Continuing the Chiptune journey, Kain walks us through the hardware and mods behind the music. Even if you're not doing chiptunes, there are some great take-aways in here to get even better audio from your Game Boy DMG. Thank you, Kain! 🙏

08-14 (Wednesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, alejandrodeloach, Alejandro Deloach
@alejandrodeloach (Instagram) shared this hand-painted Game Boy Color system sporting our Game Boy Color backlit LCD kit ( ... looking really sharp, especially the custom art!

08-13 (Tuesday)
Hand Held Legend, YouTube, Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Game Boy, CGB, GBC, AGB, GBA, Quick Tip, Cleaning, HHL
Quick tip: Having speaker failure and/or headphone noise issues? Sometimes the headphone jack can get stuck and stop the speaker from playing audio, or the jack can be dirty and cause static while using headphones. Here's a quick tip on how to address that... check it out.

08-12 (Monday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, Dustin Hamilton, YouTube, Lets Refurb, Game Boy Advance, GBA, AGB-001, Game Boy Color, GBC, CGB-001, Game Boy DMG, DMG-001
Lets refurb! We'll take a very dirty, grimy, Game Boy Advance and clean it up to nearly-new. Trimmed down to save time, we'll go from disassembly through to ultrasonic and manual cleaning and reassembly to see the final results. At 6m17 this is a brief watch so come take a look at how you can do this yourself too.

08-09 (Friday)
Remember @linklooklisten (Matt G) from his Pocket article a bit ago? He’s back and shared these awesome DMG-styled Game Boy Advances... not only do they look sharp but he’s looking to get them into customer hands. Some of the parts of course came from us, and we’re thankful to be part of his builds. Thanks, Matt! 🙏Check our his post at

08-06 (Tuesday)
Hand Held Legend, HHL, reshell, Game Boy Advance, GBA, AGB, AGB-001, mod, modding
Today we're going back to basics... a start-to-finish reshell of a dingy Game Boy Advance that's seen better days to a nice new shell and buttons. It's chock full of detail at each step and definitely made to reference and skip to where you need. Come take a look...

08-02 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Color backlit LCD, GBC, GBC LCD
We've held off a bit to let people who signed up to get theirs, and just FYI that we still have a few Game Boy Color backlit LCDs available and at a new price: $59.99 (down from $74.99)! There are only a few left... please don't hesitate if you'd like one!

08-02 (Friday)
Hand Held Legend, Kain De Rivera, chiptunes, Chiptune,
It's Friday again... and Kain's back! Have you ever wondered what 'chiptunes' is? We have... and we're thankful to have Kain - a chiptune artist - come back by to drop some knowledge on what may be a little-known topic to most. This quick read is full of information and links to find more, plus hear some of tunes as well.

08-01 (Thursday)
Hand Held Legend, Modmatic, PowerUp Advance, Game Boy Advance, rechargeable battery
We're very excited to share we're soon to stock the @Modmatic PowerUp Advance - a rechargeable battery solution for the Game Boy Advance! We can't wait to get them in the next couple weeks. Head to our page and enter your email address to get notified as soon as we have them in stock:




07-31 (Wednesday)
Hand Held Legend, Console5, C5, capacitors, capacitor kits, caps, cap kits, Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance Hand Held Legend, HHL, Console5, C5, capacitors, caps, capacitor kits, cap kits, Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance
Console5 is the go-to authority for capacitor kits for nearly any console, and we've partnered up with them to carry common kits at Hand Held Legend! We're carrying them for: Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. Couldn't be happier to have Console5 capacitor kits as part of our offerings!

07-29 (Monday): Spawn Wave details what it's like to order from us in a recent video (, near the end. He makes one of our own favorites, a 'faux' Game Boy Light using a Game Boy Pocket and teal backlight ( Most commonly a silver shell ( is used. Thank you, Spawn Wave!

07-26 (Friday): Article Friday! Today sjm4306 (aka YouTuber Shawn Maxwell) drops some knowledge on us, looking out for those newer to modding, about Soldering Tools of the Trade. Looking for the next step in customizing your console? It's not as difficult as it seems. Thanks, Shawn!

07-25 (Thursday): Wow those went fast! Please head to the page for our Game Boy Color backlit LCD to enter your email address for notification when we get more in... they’re already on the way...

07-25 (Thursday): Does this photo look familiar? We have our Game Boy Color backlit LCDs in stock sooner than we thought! This is a no-shell-modification, no soldering, drop-in replacement for the stock display and has an integrated touch-based brightness control. These are hot, so come take a look soon!

07-18 (Thursday): Many people seek to simply refurbish consoles, which we of course cater to as well... here, Devo takes and gets a Game Boy Pocket back in top shape with a glow in the dark shell to match his Nintendo N64 controller. Check out this and other shells at

07-17: A backlit display for the Game Boy Color?! Yup... you may have heard a lot about these and we have them coming... they'll be here in just a couple weeks. Sign up for notifications on the page to find out when they arrive.

07-14: Which backlight is closest to a stock Game Boy DMG? We get this question a lot... and feel it's our 'washed yellow' backlight ( as shown here by Taylor Keck ( take a look for yourselves. Thanks, Taylor! Note: The 'stripes' are just an effect of taking the photo of the backlit LCD and not how it actually looks.

07-13: Tom Storm ( shared his Nintendo Switch Light 'Game Boy DMG' concept in The Retro Future Community ( and, wow, we'd buy this in a heartbeat. 😍

07-12: We had a lot of comments on the backlit TI-84 Plus we posted a bit ago... and the creator, Kain De Rivera, created a much-requested step-by-step guide on how to perform the mod! It's an involved process, and Kain makes it easier.

07-11: Looking to start or expand your modding skills... or even to help others? Our friend Elliot (The Retro Future on YouTube) hosts a Facebook group with a community feel and mindset - a great place to ask questions, get ideas, and even just check out what others are doing.

07-10: Ryan Jamerson ( created this low-fi vaporwave-aesthetic art, and we’re loving it. Right on.

07-09: Today we'd like to share a great modding resource that you may find handy. The Game Boy hardware database is the definitive source of all models and revisions of the Game Boy family... and a bit on cartridges too. Check it out:

07-08: Great news... you've been asking, and we have them on the way... we'll have a fresh re-stock of RGB backlights! You'll want to also check out Shawn Maxwell's (sjm4306 on YouTube) touch-based RGB controller, too:

07-04: All hail the PAM8302A. Today we welcome Natalie Marie (Rainbow Repair) to talk about the PAM8302A, the little 2.5-watt audio amplifier that packs a punch to boost the volume of any handheld. She talks about the board, guide to installation, and I (Dustin) follow-up with some additional guidance. Check it out.

07-02: We saw Tanaka-san's (@tanaka_tatsuya on Instagram) "Motor Famicom" photo posted in a Facebook group and knew we needed to share it with you... it's such a great series with this one our favorite. The series is his "Miniature Life Exhibition" that is currently touring Japan - see his Instagram for details if you're located in Japan. Source:



06-28 (Friday): Take a dive today into the importance of replacing capacitors in retro consoles and electronics today with Shawn Maxwell ( and us! As an electrical engineer and retro enthusiast, we're excited to announce this first in a series of monthly tech articles to come from Shawn.
• Article:
• Shawn's Profile:

06-26 (Wednesday): Our friend Shawn Maxwell (sjm4306 on YouTube, is an electrical engineer by trade and has been working on a capacitor article we'll be posting this Friday. This piece is specifically about capacitors ("caps") in retro electronics, and is a welcomed piece coming from a fellow enthusiast. More to come this Friday! In general we're lining up Fridays to mostly be articles, covering as much of the many requests that come as we're able. Sends us a DM if you have a question you'd like answered, too, and we just may do a feature on it!

06-21 (Friday): Game Boy Pocket 5v step-up (aka boost) install in today's article as we welcome @linklooklisten (Instagram, Matt G) to the Legendary League! A few days ago we did a write-up, and now you can see @linklooklisten 's guide and before-and-after video comparison. Check it out!

06-20: Shells are back in stock for Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Pocket!

Game Boy DMG

Game Boy Pocket

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance


06-17: Ahh new ideas enabled... we now have red, blue, and pink *glass* Game Boy DMG lenses! Glass lenses are far more scratch resistant than their glass counterparts, and usually a bit tougher to find, but we have more options available starting now.


06-13: We heard you loud and clear and today cover what is one of the most asked about topics: disappointment with backlighting Game Boy Pockets. A conventional backlight and bivert approach leads to a dim backlight at the least and an unstable console at worst. It doesn't have to be that way - let us introduce you to 5v step-up (aka boost) regulators and how relatively easy they are to install.


06-11: An overview of wiring options, and space options, for mods - also covering [unregulated] voltage pin, and the importance of a 5v buck/boost (aka 5v step-up/step-down) regulator in the DMG.

Thank you to Preston (@preston.smith1111) and Taylor (@taylorjkeck) on Instagram for asking the main question here about wiring and space, with Roarke Murdock and Shawn Maxwell for technical information.

Roarke runs Roarke's Retro Corner ( and Shawn Maxwell can be found on YouTube as sjm4306 (

Please keep the modding questions coming via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.


06-06: Today we have a good read to share with you from good ole Kotaku, which many of you may already be familiar with. It's a great write-up about modding: "Thousands of modders are re-inventing the Game Boy" on Kotaku Thousands of modders are re-inventing the Game Boy


05-30: Midwest Embedded GBC LCD Test by Jellybelly Customs

05-24: Freckle Shack vs McWill by Jellybelly Customs