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06-21 (Friday): Game Boy Pocket 5v step-up (aka boost) install in today's article as we welcome @linklooklisten (Instagram, Matt G) to the Legendary League! A few days ago we did a write-up, and now you can see @linklooklisten 's guide and before-and-after video comparison. Check it out!

06-20: Shells are back in stock for Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Pocket!

Game Boy DMG

Game Boy Pocket

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance


06-17: Ahh new ideas enabled... we now have red, blue, and pink *glass* Game Boy DMG lenses! Glass lenses are far more scratch resistant than their glass counterparts, and usually a bit tougher to find, but we have more options available starting now.


06-13: We heard you loud and clear and today cover what is one of the most asked about topics: disappointment with backlighting Game Boy Pockets. A conventional backlight and bivert approach leads to a dim backlight at the least and an unstable console at worst. It doesn't have to be that way - let us introduce you to 5v step-up (aka boost) regulators and how relatively easy they are to install.


06-11: An overview of wiring options, and space options, for mods - also covering [unregulated] voltage pin, and the importance of a 5v buck/boost (aka 5v step-up/step-down) regulator in the DMG.

Thank you to Preston (@preston.smith1111) and Taylor (@taylorjkeck) on Instagram for asking the main question here about wiring and space, with Roarke Murdock and Shawn Maxwell for technical information.

Roarke runs Roarke's Retro Corner ( and Shawn Maxwell can be found on YouTube as sjm4306 (

Please keep the modding questions coming via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.


06-06: Today we have a good read to share with you from good ole Kotaku, which many of you may already be familiar with. It's a great write-up about modding: "Thousands of modders are re-inventing the Game Boy" on Kotaku Thousands of modders are re-inventing the Game Boy


05-30: Midwest Embedded GBC LCD Test by Jellybelly Customs

05-24: Freckle Shack vs McWill by Jellybelly Customs



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