Sponsorships to us are mutually-beneficial investments into the retro gaming community. Influencers is an over-used word, and what we like appreciate are just awesome people doing awesome things… and we want to be part of their missions, no matter how large or small the audience might be.

Here are the people and channels that we currently sponsor… they’re each doing great things, so go take a look!

Hand Held Legend, HHL, Retro Repairs, RetroRepairs, YouTube

RetroRepairs (Adam; YouTube)

Watch as Adam builds up his collection of retro gaming hardware and cartridges by purchasing inexpensive broken items and fixing them up. He’s detailed, so there are always learnings from his videos.

sjm4306 (Shawn Maxwell; YouTube)

Electrical engineer and retro enthusiast always up to some project and loves to share them. He’s working on retro consoles, but also getting into electromechanical switches, old cassette players, and more.

More to come…!