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Aluminum GameCube Buttons 

Deck out your GameCube controller with these aluminum Gamecube buttons! These have a heavy and expensive feel and are sure to hold up to any abuse you might throw at them. Great for custom controller builds. We kept the original GameCube controller colors for a classic look. Precision metal manufacturing has allowed these buttons to keep a tight tolerance to specifications. We hope you enjoy using these one-of-a-kind buttons!


  • CNC milled aluminum
  • Anodized metal
  • Original colors
  • Smooth finish without lettering


  • 1x A button
  • 1x B button
  • 1x X button
  • 1x Y button


  • Expect to see some tool marks from the machining process
  • You may have to file the edges of the bottom of the buttons for the best performance in the controller. Getting these made in bulk comes with some challenges and not every machining process is perfect.
  • Aluminum Gamecube Buttons designed by Mitch
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Keegan Faulkner
Loose fit, very noisy

They look and feel great, other than the fact that they make a ton of noise, and fit pretty loose. If you have a showpiece, these would be cool. For a “competitive” setup, skip them

Thank you for your review! We will take this feedback into consideration to create an even better product for the next batch. Send us a message at so we may discuss the issue further.

Melker Lembke
Feels good but do need a lot of lube

The buttons have a nice heft to them but combining plastic and metal makes for some scratchy interactions on the sides. Lubing it up did help a bit but it still makes a scratch sound every now and then.

Got what was advertised, but they fit loosely by themselves on OEM controllers

I got what I asked for, which were the ABXY aluminum buttons. However when I put them in and tested them, they were a bit wiggly and loose. Upon further inspection I believe it has to do with the base of these buttons, as the edges that lock the buttons in place seemed to be slimmer or shorter. Maybe it's just me, but the buttons themselves might also be a bit smaller too. Design-wise they maintain the same shapes, but just the sizes are off it seems.

I know one could probably only do so much with milled aluminum, which is why I just settled with these and wrapped the base of each button around a couple times with scotch tape (and cutting excess tape off the bottom) to fix the issue. It was a touchy patch, but it's working so far.

While I'm at it, I'mma point out that the A buttons being coated are a little bluer than the green that's seen on OEM A buttons. I would make it more emerald, since this color choice blends right in with my teal blue controller. If there's only so much that can be done with colors, I'd understand.

I would also like to invest in the same kind of aluminum components for the Start, Trigger, Z, and D-Pad buttons if they can be produced as accurately. No one else is making these other buttons out of aluminum at the moment in the custom GCC market.

Other than this, it makes a good long-lasting product.

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