Game Boy PAM8302A and PAM8403 Audio Amplifier

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All hail the PAM8302A and PAM8403 mini audio amplifiers - the little amps that could. For those not familiar with class-D amplifiers, these little PCBs packs a lot of punch. They were traditionally was made for Arduino consoles, but really work well in any console - especially in handhelds. This mod helps boost the volume of your traditionally quiet hand-held console.


    PAM8302A: 2W mono amplifier

    • Input voltage: 2.5-5V
    • Current draw: Varies by supply voltage and other factors
    • Small form factor
    • 1.85-2.11cm
    • Compatible with any console
    • Datasheet: PAM8302A

    PAM8403: 3W stereo amplifier

    • Input voltage: 2.5-5.5V
    • Current draw: Varies by supply voltage and other factors
    • Small form factor
    • Compatible with any console
    • Datasheet: PAM8403


    • 1x Audio Amp



      PAM8302A: 2W mono amplifier

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      Customer Reviews

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      yet another failure.

      these things should really come with instructions, and they should especially come with wires. i spent 6 hours running around my city trying to find wires that would fit, and when i gave up and decided to just tear apart every small cable in my house to find ones that worked and searched down 6 youtube pages just to find someone with the same amp mod, it didn't work. actually, neither of them did. i bought two because the last time i bought a different one and all the pads fell off within seconds of me trying to use them. heat was only 250 so i highly doubt that was the issue. never buying these things again.

      I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

      Great Little Chip Amp - PAM8302A

      I have installed multiple of these in Gameboy Colors and they are great and work well. They pack a little punch and get loud and seem to work well with other mods. They fit right on the back of the speaker in a GBC which is nice. Have only used the PAM8302A and can easily recommend it.

      Good fit great sound

      Was pleased with how well it fit right over the speaker i only really had to "run" power and ground/rotate the speaker

      Ashley Chun
      Everything was great, except...

      Was missing a wire that was needed! I ended up being able to finish the screen replacement but had to reuse the old speaker because the wire was missing. Ended up ordering wires myself to make up for it. Otherwise, all good!

      Chuck Rek
      Great amp

      I was skeptical at first when seeing this amp actually work!!! Now that I've installed it on my own CGB the sound is so much louder and can actually hear something over the standard room noise!!! THANK YOU Handheld Legend for the purchase and for enhancing my gaming experience!!! Will definitely be returning for product when the time arises!!!

      Works well

      I have used the clean amp and the pam8302a the clean amp is much louder then the Pam one. Though I did partner the pam8302a with the new capacitor for the sound and it is very crisp and clear compared to the clean amp. Only downside is the board is bigger and it’s a bit tricky to get in a good spot had a friend do the install and she prefer the clean amp do to easier installation. Though I like the crisp clean audio over the super loud clean amp.

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