CleanJuice Air Game Boy Pocket Wireless Rechargeable Battery Module

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Mark Oviso
Future Proofing a 26 year old gaming device?!

The CleanJuice Air Game Boy Pocket Wireless Rechargeable Battery Module is both highly functional and a great indicator of how technology is constantly growing!

TLDR: You can't go wrong with this battery back! Other options require expensive rechargeable batteries that require a separate charger (eneloop). If you have a modern phone with wireless charging you are good to go!

I recently found my childhood GBP in my storage shed. I wanted to bring it back into rotation, but it was in dire need of upgrades to make me want to use it instead of just emulators. So I bought this battery pack, a new shell, IPS LCD screen, Glass Screen, new capacitors, speaker, amplifier, bivert, buttons, silicone, etc...pretty much a total upgrade.

This battery pack was a huge plus in my book. With this, I don't need to bring AAA batteries with me wherever I go, I didn't have to cut an opening in the battery cover/make mods to the shell, and I don't need to bring more charging cables with me. The wireless charging works great, and I can power share with my Pixel 6 Pro, so I can have my GBP ready to go at all times! I was considering purchasing the eneloop batteries (both AA and AAA) with the charger so I could power both my GBP and GBA, but the costs and extra steps made me not want to go that route.

As this product is relatively new still (came out in 2021 I believe) I don't know the longevity of it, but I am definitely willing to take the chance and test it out. I will be back in a few months to give an update on any degradation if there is any.

Benjamin Rodstein
Good riddance AAA's

This little battery is a beast, I was able to get around 9-10 hours out of my pocket with OG lcd and between 4-5 hours with the funny playing ips this thing is awesome and a very affordable way to upgrade your pocket!

Sam Brown
Say Goodbye to AAA’s

This is such a great addition to my Gameboy Pocket! Easy to install and it is so nice to not have to change batteries.

Ricardo Hinojosa
It works, but don’t use original shell.

I saw that it said they recommend the prestige shells which is all good and well. It also says that it can be used with the original shell with some modification to the battery compartment. This is true, but instead of removing the battery separating plastic, you are going to need ti just take it all out and the shell will need a hole. Even without any plastic and directly on the motherboard, the battery is super tight and barely closes with the cover.

If you plan on getting this, make sure you are okay with doing that large modification or just get the prestige shell. Can’t say how the prestige shell fits since I don’t have it. I attached picture of what you need to do to the original shell so you are aware of what you need to do.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Great idea but needs work.

I love to see that the GBP is finally getting some power mods and this has the potential to be awesome but there are 2 big fitment issues that makes this an unfinished product to me. Maybe the production run came out different that the prototypes but even with the lower 2 case screws out and using a retrosix shell that this is supposed to drop into, the battery door does not close. There then is also a gap between the shell halves too because of the 2 missing screws.

My hope would be in the future they either make a better mold for the shell for this mod as it is with the 2 screws in the battery compartment counter sunk to fit under the battery and a bit more depth to the battery compartment to have this be a true drop in mod.

I really do like the idea but am not a fan of the execution of this one. I would personally wait for a version 2 of this.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Steven Caruso

CleanJuice Game Boy Pocket Air Wireless Battery Pack