CleanJuice Game Boy Advance (V1.3) Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Module

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Anthony K.
Battery drain still a problem

HandHeldLegends posted a guide to the earlier version of this board back 6 months or so ago to remove a resistor and a transistor to fix a battery drain issue. If you left your GBA sit for a couple of days it would drain to 0. Well I just got mine in September and it seems this is still a problem. The issue wasn't even noted here, I found the HHL page on a google search for the older version when I noticed my newly modded GBA wasn't keeping a charge. It basically has to live on a charger if I want to be able to use it at any time. I've contacted handheldlegends support to see if there's a revised version or something, but very disappointed this is still a problem in a board they're selling many months later. I can't even follow the old guide they posted to do the soldering repair myself because this board isn't the same one pictured.

It does work and is easy to install, but if it can't hold a charge it's going to kill the battery prematurely and means my handheld isn't exactly portable anymore.

Robert Mowers

CleanJuice Game Boy Advance (V1.3) Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Module

Christian Barajas
Beautiful backlit screen

I am very satisfied with the way the gba came out! The screen looks amazing! I did think it was gonna be difficult and I was a little nervous installing it but it was actually sooo easy. 10/10 :).

Moises Ramos
Awesome power solution

This battery is great. It charges fast, nice led indicator let me know by when it’s changed. Way better than using AA batteries.


Does what it says. Easy installation, works as described. No complaints here

Kevin Pavone

CleanJuice Game Boy Advance (V1.3) Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Module