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Upgrade your Game Boy Color from traditional AA batteries to a drop-in wireless rechargeable battery pack. Designed and tested in the UK by RetroSix, the CleanJuice Air for GBC is the ultimate upgrade to your Game Boy Color console.


  • Give the CleanJuice a full charge and enjoy hours of gaming! Check out this article to see how long it could last.
  • Adds 6.3W watts of power.
  • Use a QI Wireless Charger to charge your Game Boy Color. 
  • Best used with Retrosix Prestige Shells, no shell modification needed. 
  • We do not recommend using with OEM/ original style after market shells, as it will be a very invasive modification requiring you to cut out the entire back of the battery housing. 


  • 1x Game Boy Color CleanJuice Wireless PCB
  • 1x CleanJuice Battery (1700 mAh real capacity)


  • Recommended to charge with 7.5W at lowest, and 20W for best results.
  • If you experience symptoms where red and orange lights come on, stay solid, then both go off in few minutes if NOT already fully charged, its likely too low power from the wireless charger.
  • No longer includes adhesive on the battery.

LED indicator key:

  • The light on the A/B button side of the console indicates that the module is receiving wireless power from your charger.
  • The light on the D-Pad side of the console indicates that the battery is currently charging. 
  • For further charging information, please view this video around the 10:15 minute mark.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Won't charge

So the kit itself is incredibly annoying, 1st off you NEED to tape it down, so removing the double sided tape reads as very disingenuous. It also won't fit neatly even in the RetroSix shell they say it should work flawlessly in

But most damningly, the damn thing doesn't charge!
I bought a 20w wireless charger specifically to make sure if I was wrong, and lo and behold it refuses to charge. The Light pops on for a second, then turns off and refuses to charge

Don't get this, it's a bad product designed poorly

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Neat Kit with minor gripes

First off, watch the install instructions. Its an easy mod, but watching the retro six video is needed for proper fitment. My kit also did not come with any double sided tape, i have some of my own but i feel like this bit is also an important step not to be skipped. I did have to bend out the battery cover latch slightly to get the proper amount of pressure to keep it closed. Not sure if that was an issue with the IPS ready shell i bought or not though Lastly, it does seem to get quite warm when charging which im not a fan of, but normal gameplay doesnt heat anything up. All in all its a lovely upgrade for anyone not interested in dealing with batteries, definitely happy with my purchase.

Good idea, horribly done.

I bought this for a christmas present last year. It took a while to get all the parts and build it into a shell. I choose a retro six shell, and the battery cover doesn't even stay on. I thought it was designed for this? But that aside, we used it off and on until the battery died. I figured out how to position everything on a wireless charger and the lights lit up. But no longer how long it would stay on the charger, the game boy would last 5 minutes before turning off. I eventually removed the battery and put it and the charging coil directly on the wireless charger. Same deal. Slight odd smell after it's been on there. I'm going to assume things aren't working as it should. I've ripped everything out and am using AA batteries for now. Will be leary of RetroSix products going forward.

item was either defective, or is incredably dangerous

i followed the retrosix guide on youtube for instillation, and the pcb got incredibly hot.
go with some other mod

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Do not continue to use the module and safely dispose. Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Joshua Vaden
I don't like it as much as other options.

I don't like the way that contact to the battery is made, I don't like that way the board makes contact to the battery terminals, and also don't like that it's wireless charging only. I wish that it was something more similar to the cleanjuice AGB-001 battery option with the USB-C charging and the battery that hooks to the board with a connector. It works as advertised, but after buying and installing I prefer other options better.

We appreciate the feedback and will run it by the vendor. Thank you!

Cole Ache
Both Annoying and Unsafe

First, the board this battery comes with is annoying to work with. The contacts on the board are a nightmare to line up properly. Using it is also a chore because it'll only work when you prop up the top of your GBC so the charging coil is perfectly parallel to the charging pad.
Probably more importantly is that this board gets unusually hot compared to every single wireless charger I've ever tested. If you have any idea how a lithium battery works, you should immediately be worried about this. For your own safety, do not get this item.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

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