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The Game Boy Color CleanAmp Pro from RetroSix is an ultra-efficient and clean audio class D amplifier for your GBC.

The CleanAmp replaces the original audio amplifier and speaker of the Game Boy Color  with a modern smooth and crazy loud class D amplifier. Experience the sounds of the old school games like you will of never heard them before, in clear, responsive detail.


  • Made for the Game Boy Color
  • No wires needed
  • Fits in place
  • Flat ribbon cable design
  • Speaker not included.


  • 1x Game Boy Color CleanAmp Pro




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Customer Reviews

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Javan Clarke
It works.

Volume’s kinda scratchy as you’re turning it up to max, but that’s kinda the norm with these cheaply made audio amps, they all do that. But it works, and it gets LOUD.

Dommage... j'aimais bien ce kit.

Même problème rencontré que certains utilisateurs.
Quand je l'ai installé, tout fonctionnait bien pendant plusieurs mois. Puis dernièrement mon écran IPS s'est mis à clignoter de temps en temps jusqu'à s'éteindre complètement parfois.
Et depuis quelques jours l'écran affiche une image qui saute et si j'augmente le volume la console redémarre en boucle.
J'ai testé sur une autre carte mère de GBC avec condensateurs neufs, un autre CleanPower neuf et un autre écran IPS neuf et le problème est identique.
J'ai enlevé le CleanAmp avant de griller un écran IPS ou autre chose.
Dommage... J'aimais bien.

Thanks for your review! Please reach out to us at so we may look into this further with you!



Crisp and clear sound

This makes the sound really loud, but also crisp and clear even with the original speaker. I installed a new 680UF cap and that probably helped along with the CleanPower regulator. Learning from my DMG that the old caps and regulator can't handle new mods I went ahead and changed these out. No cut-outs, no boot loops, no screen dimming. Super easy install and even works underneath the RetroGlow board.

Good sound, GBC doesn’t like it though.

Really good and loud sound, BUT like another comment mentioned, if you raise it to anything above about 3/4 it goes into boot loop. I have upgraded to a Q5 ISP, capacitors are replaced and I have the Helder voltage regulator. I don’t know why the game it doesn’t like it. Based on the other comment that mentions losing a save I’ll be uninstalling this. I won’t risk losing my Pokémon save for sound loud enough for the neighborhood to hear.

Thanks for your review! Have you tried replacing the C32 cap with a 680uF cap? This may help assist in the issue but we can't say for sure at this time. We have one available for sale on our website. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions about this!

Great overall but

I've noticed my GBC goes into a boot loop when I raise the volume to max with this new mod installed. Two things to note:

1. It might have something to do with the backlit screen I have installed (Midwest Embedded GBC replacement LCD Module). This mod is powered via the power switch through a soldered to VCC on the board.

2. I don't need to put the volume at max. I have it probably 2/3 - 3/4 of the way and it's very loud with incredibly rich quality (great lower tones)

About halfway through playing Megaman Xtreme my GBC short-circuited, causing me to lose all of my save data on the cart. (thank goodness it was that and not Pokemon)

I did test the cart after and the save feature works properly. I even installed a new internal save battery about 4 years ago iirc. I'm not sure if perhaps a new voltage regulator would fix these issues.

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