Dehum/Dehiss Kit for Game Boy Advance

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Works great!

Small caps were annoying to install but the kit worked great for my GBA with amp.

Surface mount caps too small

The smallest of the surface mount caps were stupid small. Way smaller than any other components on the gba board. I ended up using caps I had on hand to complete the dehum upgrade.

Made most the noise go away, good as it gets.

A pretty genius solution to almost eliminate he hissing sound out of the noisy Game Boy Advance sound circuit. It almost eliminated the hissing/hum noise even at low volumes in my sound amplified GBA with the IPS screen kit. Worth the few dollars and recommended even for anyone that wants to get a little cleaner audio out of their GBA.


Dehum/Dehiss Kit for Game Boy Advance

Must have after the amp!

This little kit is perfect for fixing the hum that the amp will likely make. I installed it correctly the first time, and within about 15 minutes or so, it it really is an easy install. I did have some trouble getting the capacitor that goes to the headphone jack in the corner of the board but, if you're willing to cut the legs short and attach wires from them to the solder points, the cap will lay nicely sideways under the "CE" of the logo, left of the speaker.

I want to end with a beginner's warning and advice on the small surface mount capacitors. They are SMALL! They are tough to put on! If you start by adding a some flux and a small glob of solder from the tip of a fine point iron on the C15 cap that is already there, then place the additional cap (already fluxed) beside, hold the new cap down in its middle by the leg from a larger cap, then gently sweep the solder glob over, you'll be golden. You can do it, it will just take a little time.

After the frustration of the little caps is over, it is definitely a rewarding modification, and I whole-heartedly recommend it.

Absurdly difficult, not as advertised

I think this kit did make a small difference in noise, but I cannot recommend it. The surface mount caps (the little ones) included are NOT the ones shown in the pictures. The ones that they actually sent were SO much smaller (like, large grains of sand). Seriously, I used to work in pro-audio and these are the smallest components I have ever seen. I may end up trying the mod again in the future, but I will probably be buying my 1uf and 10uf caps elsewhere so that I can get usable sizes.

Additionally, the photos in the guide show and additional cap soldered to C6, but does not mention it in the text. I'm not sure what to make of that.