Game Boy Advance IPS V2 Kit - Unbranded

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Great display

This IPS display is great! It makes my GBA much more enjoyable to use and the image scaling is perfect. Very happy I picked this up.

Danek M.
Incredible upgrade

This was my first tear down and parts replacement project that I have done on a handheld console. I have to say I was prretty nervous doing this install, but just took my time and watched more videos. The IPS screen replacement is worth every penny and completley changes the look and the thrill of playing some old school GBA games. I would highly recommend this product and will be buying more in the future.

nathan roth
Excellent quality

I live the new IPs display. With the new shell and buttons it brings the Advance into 2021.

Alex B
Screen is great

Love the screen, a contact on the ribbon cable popped off when i was putting the PCB in the shell so I had to abandon ship on the screen brightness adjustment, which is a huge disappointment. But the screen itself is great.

Sara Schulte

I mean there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Nice sharpnes and pretty easy to install. Only problem was that they sent 3 review mails even before I got the items which kind of stressad me out. Felt pretty forced to install quickly so i could fill it in quickly so I'd be left alone haha

New Life in the Best Handheld

For me, the GBA is one of the best handhelds ever made (not just for game library but design as well) but the screen not being back lit was a huge misstep. This solves that problem and if you get a precut shell for it, installation is so easy.
Definitely recommend. GB/GBA games have never looked so good.