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Add a custom touch to your Game Boy Advance with the Game Boy Advance IPS UV Printed Shell.



  • 1x UV Shell
  • 1x Console sticker
  • 1x Set of screws
  • These shells DO NOT include USB C battery covers. 



  • Shell can still be used for regular GBAs without IPS screens. Just purchase regular sized screen and be aware of having to position/secure the original screen down center in view due to the opening being larger than normal.
  • There is no logo on these shells.
  • Created by RetroSix.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Erick Vasquez
Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch Shell was a breeze install. Ready for the IPS Display. No trimming or cutting required. Supplied with all the necessary hardware. The front finish of the GBA LOOKS GOOD.

Bloodlust shell is a bloody mess

This review only applies to the Bloodlust version of these custom shells, I've purchased plenty of the other UV pronted ones without issues.

This shell is extremely messy and came with a variety of issues. The blood finish is something that resembles more a red ink pen blowing up in your backpack with your GBA in that same pocket during a hot day... if you don't know what I mean, I've attached a few pictures. The paint job is sloppy and doesn't come even remotely close to looking like the rendered picture. It appears to be applied on an atomic purple shell since it does have a weird blueish tone on areas where the coating is lighter. The screen area had a huge amount of residue that I needed to sand down because the glass lense would cradle and not sit flat. The battery cover was stuck and adhered woth paint and had to be warmed a bit to become loose. The metal brace for the cart area in the back was not the right size and was bumping into the cart reader, so I opted for swapping in the original one from my old GBA shell.

In the end, the shell itself feels sturdy like I would expect, but the paint job was just atrociously messy. I did buy this on clearance so I don't think these will be around for long, but I just wanted to share a bit on this for anyone looking to get this shell.

Thanks for your feedback! Please reach out to us at support@handheldlegend.com so we may look into this further with you.

Screws are hard to **** in the shells.

I am kind of disappointed, I not only tried it once but three times in three different shells, I got two that were GBA and also GBC and GBA SP and all of them were just not easy to **** in the shells. its like I'm forcing the screws they come with and sometimes they stripped or get damage. it happen with all the shells I got. so I just gave up. I probably wont buy any shell from them again.

Thanks for your feedback! With all aftermarket shells, the screw posts are not going to be pre-threaded, which would explain the 'forcing' feeling you have when putting in the screws. This is because if you need to open the console back up after closing, the more you do so, the more likely it is for the posts to be stripped of the threads you just created, or the posts may break. Using slow but firm pressure should get the job done when using aftermarket shells. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us at support@handheldlegend.com

Yoshi egg shell, super clean

Your standard gba shell, not meant for laminated displays.


Finally getting my old gba upgraded. Definitely worth the purchase. All my handhelds have black shells, so it's nice to have a different shell on one of my consoles.

Ryan Strate
The art started to peel from the corner near the lens

Looks great, feels great, but when I was putting it together, I discovered the corner art was peeling away.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at support@handheldlegend.com so we may get this resolved for you.

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