Game Boy Advance IPS UV Printed Shell Kit

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Corey Stanley
Great shell, but the lens is difficult

I ordered the Mewtwo GBC shell, and looks amazing. The only problem I have, is that when trying to apply the lens, the paint got destroyed way too easy when trying to apply the double sided adhesive. What would make much more sense is for it to come pre-applied. The same thing happened with the GBA shell I ordered, but I was lucky that I already had a nice glass lens to use in it's place. These shells and the art on them is amazing and 5/5, but it is too easy to destroy the paint on the lenses.

Zachary Smith

Game Boy Advance IPS UV Printed Shell Kit

Jenny Edwards
Really nice!

Perfect for any Pikachu fan.

Brent Umina
Great shell, but use OEM screws

I absolutely love the quality of these shells. The art is gorgeous and the plastic feels sturdy. However, the self tapping screws leave much to be desired and usually strip out. Save those triwing screws and use them instead for a sturdy build.


Shell is really nice. The print seems to be great quality, was ips ready and I didn't need to modify anything. So overall a good quality reproduction shell, better quality than the usual ones found elsewhere.
The screws really don't want to go in and if your using a cheap screwdriver that doesn't perfectly match you will strip the screws out.
The back of the shell is a clear black which doesn't look bad but would be nice if it had some kind of printing to match the front or at least color match.
Pieces fit together well with no issues
The plastic seems to be a good quality
The print and glass screen are really nice
If your bothering to modify I would definitely recommend these over the cheaper shells found elsewhere.
Take your time and watch a few tutorials and this should be a very easy update to your gameboy.

Isaiah Petersen
Beautiful shell - Minor misalignment with Lens

I purchased this shell along with the FunnyPlaying IPS V2 kit and custom buttons and LED shoulder lights. Everything fit well and looks great! My only complaint is that the print on the lens didn't perfectly line up with the Pikachu on the shell but it's barely noticeable. Very happy with how the build turned out!