Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 LCD Backlight

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Joe B
Awesome and easy mod for the GBA!

Thank you

Avoid this silly mistake!

Bought this screen, installed and modded GBA according for it to fit a 40pin ( This was my first try with the mod and I did it successfully, the screen looks perfect. I'll probably get a new potentiometer to make adjustments easier and more robust. I wanted to follow the instructions to a T, so I got everything taped up and ready, then peeled off the protective film...but there was no protective film, I was pulling off the polarizer...

In everything I read during my research for this project, no one mentioned this polarizing film, but the highly-used instructions mention peeling off a PROTECTIVE film. I got half way through before I realized it was dark and thicker than expected, then it dawned on me that it could be a polarizer, but by that point, the film was ruined. There was no protective film, there was only the polarizing film. When I turned everything on, I confirmed my suspicions...

My suggestion to HHL, to protect noobies like myself, is to mention there is a POLARIZING FILM LAYER on top of this LCD, that is an obvious separate layer on top of the glass. DO NOT PULL OFF THIS LAYER. The polarizer, in hindsight, is obviously darker than a protective film should be, but again I was following the suggested instructions.

HHL - if you're reading, do you have any suggestions for replacing the polarizing film? I have some ideas, but if you know a solution, would love to hear it!

Denis Girasol

Been waiting to do this mod for a while and thanks to Hand Held Legend I did it!

They are Back!

Finally AGS screens have made their way back to modding. Happy to have this from a website I trust and will continue to support. Thanks HHL!