Game Boy Advance SP IPS Backlit LCD Kit - Funnyplaying

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William Anderson
Horrible display even if it’s “better” than original factory display

The prospect of upgrading about her Advance, this time a OG GBA, was just as exciting as the SP I did earlier. The problem with my kit was a bummer as after confirming function, I fully installed and soldered the brightness controls. It wasn’t until I played games where a black screen showed when it started to show… dead pixels and a somewhat large bright glow just left of center. The other kits I’ve done are excellent so far, but this Tropolly screen is shoddy like LCDs were in the mid-2ks.

I went ahead and ordered the LG produced lcd as it has a great reputation for quality. Fingers crossed…

Bernard Richardson Jr

Game Boy Advance SP IPS Backlit LCD Kit - Funnyplaying

Potential bad cable

I installed the mod and it worked for about a week, but then it started fritzing out when you stick a game in. I took it apart and the only thing I see is a small burnt looking spot on the ribbon cable on one of the channels.

Great Display, but...

There are 2 specks of dust under the glass straight from Handheld Legend themselves. For the price it's a disappointment and I hope it doesn't bother me too much during gameplay. Dust aside, the display looks great and is super bright.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Excellent Product.

You can’t go wrong with funnyplaying. Really the product is the ribbon cable, which communicates flawlessly with the GBA and the ips screen. The screen makes it look as if you are playing on a pc emulator, the colors are deliciously crisp and the pixels are undetectable unless you are looking for them.

The kit comes with the screen, which has a glass lens already centered and attached, and while the logo isnt accurate to the real thing it is holographic and I find that to have a lot of flair.

It doesnt come with insulating film or double sided tape like other kits do so you will need some kapton tape for a proper install.

Couldnt be happier really.


Very easy mod. It has brought new life to my GBA. Works great. Wish it came with spacers that other funnyplaying kits do.