Game Boy Advance SP IPS Backlit LCD Kit - Funnyplaying

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Angel Velasquez

If you're looking for an upgrade this is it right here. I will leave this for those who are also iffy on soldering. I'm not the best and definitely i am definitely the worst when starting something new but if i can do it i have faith in those who are looking forward into doing something like this. As a matter of fact, you can choose not to solder the ribbon onto the board but the downside to that is having a bright screen to drain your battery as fast as toilet paper ran out from the beginning of covid. All jokes aside you will also not be able to control the brightness level without solder so it's definitely you choice what you want but i totally recommend this product

Joshua Dionne
Excellent screen, super-easy install

Great upgrade to the AGS-001 screen, even puts the AGS-101 to shame.

Super easy to install with an IPS-modified shell, though I imagine the original shell would be easy to modify as well.

The single wire to solder was also very easy to install, though you do have to be careful with the ribbon solder point.

Gregorio Benatti

Game Boy Advance SP IPS Backlit LCD Kit - Funnyplaying

Matt w
Wonderful screen

I love it. Ended up doing the same thing to my buddys

Bryson E. Sharp
It’s dope

Works like a charm

Wonderful upgrade.

This was really easy to install, and it looks fantastic!