Game Boy Advance SP IPS Backlight LCD Kit V2 - Unbranded

  • $58.99 USD

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Easy and impressive

Kit Is great, Easy to install. I love the touch pads, just be careful with placement as they are sensitive and could be triggered accidentally.

Not a perfect fit into pre-cut shells

Got it with pre-cut GBA SP shell, however shell needed some more trimming as the PCB was obstructing shell alignment near LCD to PCB connector, without that it was bulging a little in that area. So if you wanna perfect fit I guess go with funnyplaying kit but that one needs little soldering for brightness control, if you want solder-free install with extra option to change colors (although seems kinda useless feature) then go with this kit. Both are shipping now with Toppoly LCD IPS screens as stock of slightly better LG screens used initially in those kits is long gone. Otherwise works great, picture quality is perfect, but giving one star down for mentioned fitment issue.

James rustles
Ips backlight

It’s absolutely amazing
The touch controls are a great addition if you don’t have soldering skills
Definitely worth the money
The only complaint I have is that the ribbon cable could be slightly longer
The model I bought comes out the top part of the screen and has to be looped around almost the entire length of the screen and leaves very little to be looped through the hinges

Easy Install looks great

Viewing angles and colors are great
I would just be careful not to place the touch sensors for color and brightness too close together

Richard Nostratis

Best thing I’ve upgraded on my GBA SP.

Ted R
Great Screen

works well, looks fantastic.