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USB-C charging port

In modern times where almost every device with a buit in rechargable batteryuses a USB-C port, a Gameboy Advance destined for traveling MUST have one of those for the convenience of using the same phone charger for your in the go gaming device, same as the Nintendo switch by the way. So, one USB-C cable to charge them all!? Welcome!!

Nicholas Dryden
Incredible mod

Fantastic product. Plug and play. Fit and finish is amazing in a retro six shell.

Cristobal Garcia
Absolutely a game changer for the GBA SP!

This is the highest quality USB C PCB I've purchased! The board is thicker than others I've seen for the same price and having the ability to charge using USB C to C as well as USB A to C is amazing. Most others are only USB A to C only. Also way easy to install. I don't have a lot of soldering experience and this was an easy install following a video tutorial.

Dillon C.
Works as advertised, which is perfect

Fairly straightforward. Remove the old plug with some wick, lined the big holes up on the new port, flowed some solder in, used way too much solder on the back/pin2 connection (sorta intentionally) and then removed the excess till it didn't bridge to pin1. I'm sure some more talented folks than I might have some tricks for this. Mine is just to be patient, and use a small tip if you've got one. Couldn't find mine but got there eventually. The 3dprinted bit wasn't... great... little big and one of the layers separated. That being said a dremel solved the problem and everything looks good enough now.

Girlfriend's bogarted it as soon as I was done and has played it non-stop.

Garrett Sey
Awesome Little USBC Mod for the GBA SP

Fantastic little USBC mod for the GBA SP. Not 100% sure if it supports charge & play yet, but I’ll find out eventually, either way, I’m happy. A little tricky to install, but if you don’t have all the fancy tools like myself, use No-Clean solder wick to remove the factory solder on the board. Made removal A BREEZE.

For install, I used an end of a an old capacitor. The metal prong part and put a piece in each hole as structural support. Solder the 2 large ports first, see pics on how I got mine level to fit perfect/flush in the SP. Flow one first, make sure it’s still level, then fill it in, check again, if good, move on to the other side and it’ll hold itself in place. If you don’t have a fancy pantsy board holder, flow some solder onto the chip that goes to the 2nd pin on the SP board (just enough to coat the board) then I propped my board up against a beer and used gravity to solder it to all into place. Actually got this all done using just a soldering iron, 1 medium fine tip, solder wick, metal support prongs, and a beer. Sounds like a lot, but it’s pretty darn straight forward. Don’t forget to test it all and make sure the charging is working properly before closing things up. I recommend bringing your battery to a full charge to make sure the indicator LED’s change appropriately.

Enjoy charging in 2022!

Phillip Pettis

Fits great, works great! Wasn't difficult to install.