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Shell - Shell Color/Style Crystal Clear Black [GBA2040] x1 (4.99)
Shell - Back Shell Sticker Black Holographic [GBA1102] x1 (4.99)
Buttons - Buttons Chrome Silver - Includes Start/Select Buttons [GBA1389] x1 (6.99)
Buttons - Brass Button Upgrade (D-pad, A + B) Elite Brass [GBA2212] x1 (29.99)
Buttons - Silicone Membrane Set No Selection (For Chrome Button Sets)
Display - LCD Display Kit Game Boy Advance V2 (Touch Sensor Version) IPS Kit with TV Output - HISPEEDIDO [GBA1765] x1 (30)
Screen Lens - Enlarged Windowed Lens Color/Style Black - Clear Text [GBA1763] x1
Speaker - Speaker Style/Color Glow in the Dark [GBS1200] x1 (4.99)
Mods - Additional Mods_5_0_0 Cleanjuice USB-C Rechargeable Battery [CGB1822] x1 (39.99)
Mods - Additional Mods_5_0_1 Clean Amp Pro [CPA1001] x1 (9.99)
Mods - Additional Mods_5_0_3 Clicky Triggers [GBA2174] x1 (9.99)
Mods - Additional Mods_5_0_5 RetroGlow RGB LED FLEX [GBA2186] x1 (19.99)
Mods - USB-C Battery Cover Crystal Clear Black [GBA1955] x1
configId V0ip2zCldKogOGggAUQMDilz
weight 22
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