Game Boy Advance Wire-Free Dehum Dehiss Kit

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Great when paired with Clean Amp Pro

Well designed flex board, though was a fairly difficult install. There is one capacitor in particular that you are required to bridge to that’s literally 1 mm in width. Those have a tendency to detach and suck up into the solder on the tip of your iron if you apply too much heat. Definitely recommend watching the Retrosix install video to understand the “flick technique.”

Performance-wise, the kit sounds great, and greatly reduces the amount of static put out with the increase in volume by the Clean Amp Pro.

My GBA is running an IPS v3, Clean Amp Pro, Dehiss/dehum kit, new speaker, and Clean Power lithium ion battery.

Nothing seems changed...

I installed this with the clean amp pro and a new speaker (both from Handheld Legend), I had never experienced any hiss or hum before in the unit but I wanted to build a future proof unit and just did everything at once!

Very happy with how easy it was to install.

Doesn’t work

Installed correctly but the hiss and hum is still there.

I'm sorry you are having issues with this product. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Not sure it did anything when paired with CleanAmp Pro v1.0

The physical design of this thing is amazing. I love how it just fits on the PCB unobtrusively without any modifications. However, I'm not sure it did anything when I paired it with the CleanAmp Pro v1.0. Maybe the popping has lessened (placebo? not sure), but the hissing is still there.

Julio Guillen

Wow this mod is great added the audio amp but had a little cracking and pops. Added this little mod and Bam clean and clear. Also am a soddening Noob when it comes to soddering thought I was going to break the thing cause of that tiny capacitor but no it turned out all right thanks for your time.
Julio G