Game Boy Button and Case LED Module

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Andre Mayleas
Bumped my DMG up to the next level

Could not be happier with these little suckers. Takes a little getting used to and getting the wiring down, but I'm a perfectionist and with a little adjustment got it down perfect. Very easy to set up and super happy results.

Dave Ruple
Looks great especially with 2-part dmg buttons

Takes a little creativity to install in shell but are bright and look good with clear components. I think need up using a resistor to lower the brightness a little.


Easy to install, + and -, glue, weld and it's done! Well build, enough bright. In one word : Perfect!

Ethan Steiner
Great product, poor guidance.

These little guys are awesome and I cant wait to figure out how to get them in like I'd like to. 4/5 Stars because there is zero guidance on places to pull power from or ground to. No basic instruction at all. New to modding means I just have to do more research but even some rudimentary guidance on the PCB would be most of what I'd need. That being said, powering them with just a test pack at 3.2v they're really great.

Brianna Carter
Bright but touchy

2 stopped working just from attaching wires with a soldering iron that was a tad too hot, but after getting it right it looks great, may try to put in gba sp to see if they fit with their small size

Carmine Digiacomo