Game Boy Color Frontlight

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Gameboy Front Light

The product is great! It was easy to install with no issues. I'm enjoying the upgrade.

Product support great, product not so much.

Reaching out to the site's support staff, they were very prompt and friendly, but sadly could not verify so they recommended I use LOCA anyway. Shipping was very fast and nicely packed.
The frontlight itself is pretty terrible. I used the correct amount of LOCA to not have any bubbles, but sadly I could barely see the picture of the GBC. When using in normal lighting, the Frontlight plate lets you see everything just fine, but when using in low light to complete darkness, you can barely make out anything on the screen. I would highly recommend not wasting your time on this, and just getting a backlight kit instead. It will be more work, but you will enjoy the results much more. I would post a pic, but I didn't think of it at the time due to frustration and the mess of removing the frontlight plate (after curing, the LOCA becomes a gummy nightmare to deal with).


Wasn’t going to use the loca but I guess I’ll need to, to hide the scratches that were on the front lights.

Game Boy Color Frontlight

Works great! With the help of the onlive video, installation was a breeze. Fantastic service, got back to me next day to answer a question I had.

good lighting

like i said good lighting

Arrived on time, great packaging, all as expected but be careful!

Package arrived on time and works as intended however I made a mistake with the loca and had to remove it, severely scratching the front light in the process and didn't have enough LOCA left so I just did the drop in method. Oh well. I'll be ordering a new one soon to try again, as it's my first time modding. Just beware it breaks easy!

BTW, very happy they listened to my special request to "include a drawing of waluigi", that's awesome and waluigi for smash!!! 😆