Game Boy Color UV Printed Shell

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Chris Gramm
Love it!

Really like the shell! It looks great and feels nice. The only critique I have is I thought the whole shell would be the blue that matched the print but the back and sides are clear grey which is fine. I was just expecting something else maybe the description even says it’s that way and I missed that note. Overall though it’s fantastic!

Corey Stanley
Great shell, but the lens is difficult

I ordered the Mewtwo GBC shell, and looks amazing. The only problem I have, is that when trying to apply the lens, the paint got destroyed way too easy when trying to apply the double sided adhesive. What would make much more sense is for it to come pre-applied. The same thing happened with the GBA shell I ordered, but I was lucky that I already had a nice glass lens to use in it's place. These shells and the art on them is amazing and 5/5, but it is too easy to destroy the paint on the lenses. This same review applies to the GBA shells.

Looks Great but has fitting issues

I got the Charizard shell. The shell looks great but the biggest issue I have is the Start & Select membrane doesn't stick out far enough. While playing Pokemon Gold I found myself needing to push my fingernail far into the Start hole just to pull up the menu. I thought maybe it was just an issue with the GBC design but I started playing on an original unmodded GBC and found that the Start and Select button sticks out farther and doesn't require pushing into the button hole like on the Charizard shell. At first I thought maybe I didn't screw the board far enough but I discovered that for some reason the Charizard shell does not allow the Start and Select membrane to stick out as far as other shells. I also feel like I have to push all the buttons harder than on a normal GBC just to register a button press. To be fair you can still play games with the shell, but when I compared the button presses to a different shell I sadly had to abandon the Charizard one for a shell that didn't require me to press harder to farther. 2 stars because I found better playing experiences with different shells that seem to fit the buttons better.

Decent, but not perfect

I bought the Charizard case. Gorgeous artwork, great work on the print and the lens. Wonderful fit. Unfortunately, this lens only comes in the original size- meaning a TFT screen is a little too small (this is the route I went), the original screen is fine (but isn't backlit), and the IPS screens are too large. Too bad that you have to make choices like that when the rest is so great. The IR lens it comes with is just a thick plastic piece, meaning you can't use touch brightness controls unless you swap for an OEM lens. Thankfully I had one on hand and it fit! My last flaw is that the battery door is a little loose. It rattles when you pick up the device and I wasn't able to get an OEM battery door to even fit on there. Seems to me that they made made the battery compartment slightly smaller than the original, then over adjusted their door. It stays on the device fine, but it feels cheap and noisy.

It's a great case and sure to turn heads. Just be sure you know what you're ordering! I knew ahead of time what size the lens was, but I did not know the battery door would be so rattle-y.

Tomas Loma
A nice case but it could offer more for the price

So I finally got around to competing the build on this Gameboy color.

Pros: shell is beautiful and cute and I really like it.

Cons: for the price it’s not ips compatible unless you modify it yourself. The glass screen that comes with this is the most annoying thing ever had to get two of them. The first one before I got to put it on was already peeling so I was sent a replacement a few days after installation it started to peel from under the glass lens. At this point I was going to use the first lens and deal with partial defect but the second I pulled the adhesive back the entire label came with it. I ended up just using a white lens I had order as a replacement in case I couldn’t be sent a replacement from my first failed lens. Also I should probably not assume I will get everything in the picture I thought this would come with white buttons and I was wrong it came with the standard gray buttons I had to purchase the buttons separately once I found out. My final gripe and I’m sure it could have been easily fixed is I didn’t get a sticker for the back I ended buying a custom made one from another seller so I’m not to sad about that.