Game Boy Color Wire Free Audio Amplifier

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Enhance the sound of your game with a wire free audio amplifier. Experience the sounds of the old school games like you will of never heard them before, in clear, responsive detail. 


  • For Game Boy Color console only. 
  • Low power consumption.
  • 2-3x that of the original volume levels.
  • Compatible with IPS mods.
  • Plug in the headset and the volume module will turn off automatically. Unplug the headphones and the volume module will turn back on.
  • Purchase speaker separately


  • 1x GBC Flex amp


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Luis Irizarry

    I purchased two of these since the GBA SP ribbon amp works so well I was so happy to see this come out. The Funnyplaying chip can add extra space as well as have the possibility of cutting wires when sealing if not placed properly in non clear shells.

    I've installed two of these and removed them just to replace them with the funnyplaying sound mod chip. One GBC with clean power mod and one without, same result on both. Its the same volume with the mod, no boost what so ever.

    I'm so disappointed in these and feel this is a waste of time and money, if there is a trick to boosting the sound in the "pending install instructions" I'd be very interested. If I could give this a negative star I would currently.

    Thanks for your review! Please reach out to us at so we may troubleshoot this with you!

    Tyler DiDomizio
    Simple Install, Limited Utility

    Install of this Amp was exceptionally quick and simple. Like the CleanAmp, it seems to be wired sorotating the volume wheel down increases the volume and rotating it up decreases the volume. Compared to the cleanamp, the sound does not appear to be amplified at all, but it also doesn't make the hissing noise either.

    Great alignment and sound output

    This piece was designed very well, it lines up perfectly and was easy for a novice/intermediate solder-er to accommodate. Paired with a new speaker from HHL, the GBC's sound is noticeably louder than stock. I'd suggest HHL remove the image showing the highlighted capacitor; if it werent for the 'question' being asked on the product page I would have been a little lost to that image's purpose.

    Great amplifier and MUCH easier installation!

    TL/DR: Perfect amplifier if better than stock sound and ease of installation are your goals.

    I've installed this on a Gameboy Color that I've been repairing. I've also used the RetroSix CleanAmp v1.2 so my comparison will be between this amplifier, the CleanAmp, and the original.

    In terms of installation this amplifier is far and away the easier solution. The solder points easily match up to the locations on the board they need to and it is a simple and straight forward process to get it installed.

    For the audio quality it is noticeably louder than the original audio setup. It sounds good and in my opinion is loud enough for what I am wanting out of a Gameboy.

    Now I have installed it along with a Funnyplaying IPS and button LED kit without yet installing any kind of power modifications so my next few statements are more than likely related to power issues due to my install rather than flaws in the amplifier itself. Having said all of that I have noticed a significant amount of hum and buzz from the speaker even when it is at minimum volume. It also doesn't seem to be as loud as the CleanAmp amplifier. But again I want to say that I haven't yet installed and upgrades for power which I feel would fix both of those issues.
    I will hopefully remember to update this review after I get a power solution installed and see how that affects the audio.

    Blasted Throughout The Room!

    Definitely recommend this! As the stock speaker setup just doesn't cut it and way too low for my taste. YouTube video placeholder
    So Loud!

    This wire free amp is so easy to work with. Simple soldered, and bumps the volume up good! Definitely recommended this! YouTube video placeholder

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