Game Boy DMG IPS LCD Q5 OSD & Front PCB - Unbranded

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Michael The Handheld Collector
almost perfect

The only reason this isn't 5 stars is that the aftermarket (obtained from HHL) shell does not fit properly with this kit: the "contrast" wheel--used to control brightness and change settings in the OSD menu-- will not turn once the case is asssembled. The problem is not the hole at the side of the case but that either the case isn't deep enough or the wheel sticks up too high off the Front PCB and rubs against the back PCB. Loosening the screws a bit helps, but I will have to file down the top of the plastic contrast wheel or live with a case that is a little loose. This is a pricey kit and standards should be higher; I would let this slide if I got this for $40 from some Chinese seller on eBay, but I've come to expect better from HHL.

Albert J Stoltz
Good choice

Sweet little screen really breaths new life into the whole system. Paired it with the retro six power management board and audio amp with a new speaker and it’s awesome. Really beats searching for sunlight!

Great LCD - Works Overclocked!

This is a great IPS LCD Upgrade kit. It drops into DMG Prestige IPS ready shells. Bracket is great. I did have to mask the it significantly to reduce light bleed.
The adjustment wheel switch is great and makes for easy and quick configurations. I found that I had to reduce shell tension to prevent the wheel switch from sticking/not operating.
Best of all is that this screen works with over clock crystals! The screen gets a little glitchy but it works and has been play tested for hours now. Infact the DMG I built with this screen is the only DMG I can also boot flashcarts while overclocked. It's a beautiful thing.

Great screen kit!

Really glad it comes with a spacer. Had enough friction to hold the screen without using adhesive. Easy install, looks amazing.

John Kieran
First dmg mod

Super fun and easy mod. Looks amazing!!!

Excellent screen, breathes new life into an old Gameboy

This screen is an amazing upgrade for the original Gameboy, the features it brings with the on screen display are something I wish other Gameboys would get! It makes the original Gameboy extremely playable in 2022, especially since it now supports the extended color palettes that were available on the Super Gameboy/Gameboy Color. My only gripe is the brightness/menu wheel seems to rub against the case, which I had to file down slightly to fix.