Game Boy DMG IPS LCD Q5 OSD & Front PCB - Unbranded

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Great screen, easy to install.

Looks amazing, but needs work.

The end result is really nice, but the kit needs some work. The plastic frame was warped so it’s hard to use, there are no screw holes in the upper section of the pcb so it is only supported around the button pads, and there are no instructions on the website at this time.


Aside from the tolerances on the screen positioning bracket being a bit loose and requiring multiple dis-assemblies for alignment, kit went together well. Screen is crisp and bright!
I believe there should at least be a short instruction sheet or link to a video, since I did not know the V/H position were changeable in the OSD until I had buttoned things up.

The replacement shell is high quality and went together well, but I feel that it would be nicer if the screw holes were pre-threaded for OEM pitch screws to aid with multiple disassembly/reassembly. Also, the battery contacts that ship with the replacement shell are not great quality and one lost a spring, so I simply swapped the contacts from my OEM DMG.

The V4 kit osd is amazing

This kit is very easy to install and looks amazing

Game Boy DMG IPS LCD V4 OSD & Front PCB - Unbranded - Review

So first of all, I really recommend this product.
I combined it with one of the compatible aftermarket cases and the custom screen lens with the bigger opening.
The installation was really easy, I didn't even check the manual (though I would of course not recommend doing it this way ;)
Compared with the original display this one is amazingly better (sharper, better contrast, visible in dark environments, ...)
I just wish I would have cut the screen opening in the case a bit wider on the sides before applying the lens because there is a tiny bit of the colored plastic visible now, but nothing major.
Another thing that I noticed is, that other than a Gameboy color or Advance this mod will not be able to tell foreground sprites from background sprites, so you will only have 4 different colors at a time not 8. I know this is a technical limitation, but I still wanted to mention it.

DMG IPS is awesome!!!

Would recommend to anyone looking to bring new life to your DMG.