Game Boy DMG IPS LCD Q5 OSD & Front PCB - Unbranded

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Ross Aho
Fantastic Screen

I had done the bivert/backlight mod years ago, so I wanted to give this updated screen a try. I had a damaged DMG that had a non-functional screen. The replacement front PCB the IPS LCD includes turned a useless/broken DMG into my current best one. The screen quality is amazing, and installation was a breeze. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to put a lot of time into original gameboy games! (I’m still amazed at the colors in Pokémon Red!)

Jan Hayes
It's pretty awesome

Incredibly bright and crisp. I'm pleasantly surprised how well this screen is working, the Horizontal/Vertical alignment adjustment is a godsend and it pretty much makes up for the so so screen mount. Haven't come across any visual artifacting after 10 hours of usage. Just be aware that the screen opening of the pre-cut DMG Shells from this site is slightly smaller than the screen size so some additional cutting/filing will be required.

Skylar Buecker
Dmg ips q5

Works great! Paired with an amplifier, makes it legendary!

Tony Ferraro
Another Great IPS !!

I've installed a few of these in my shop, and they are an amazing upgrade over the OEM screen. You can see an install video of it on my YouTube channel.

Matthew Wieciech
Beautiful screen

Looks great and works as expected.

Terence Toomey
Great screen

Installation was pretty simple and the screen looks great.