Nintendo DS Shell

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Ds shell

The only issue I had was the outer shell for the top half was slightly warped at the hinge

Daniel Bartholomäi
Mit etwas Modifikation in Ordnung

Das Glas war bei mir stark gebraucht. Deutlich mehr Kratzer als bei mir.
Am Lautsprecher muss man am Gehäuse einige Stege entfernen.
Die Halterung für das Board unten ist absolut ungenau gefertigt. Beim befestigten rutscht das Board über die Abstandhalter und somit funktionieren die Tasten A, B, X, Y nicht mehr, da man sie nicht mehr drücken kann.
Getauscht habe ich mein Gehäuse da das Scharnier gebrochen ist.

David Wolfe
Poor Quality and Fitment

Not only is the plastic this is made of much more flimsy than my original shell, but the internals of my NDS didn't even fit into it properly. None of the original screws, or the ones included would fit properly into the holes for the speaker daughterboard, and on the other side of the display, the other speaker board didn't fit into the spot in the shell at all.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Jacob Bullock
Shells are meh. Better suited for macro mod

Ordered a shell from eBay and HHL to compare. They appeared to be the same. They both had "long screw" damage at the top assembly even though the screw provided was shorter than the OEM. Next shell I get I will file down or cut the screw shorter for the speaker boards. The plastic is soft as well. One screw from the speaker board chewed the plastic very easily on both shell at the right-channel speaker board. I will order a couple more to see if I can get past the screw damage issue. These are definitely suited better for a macro mod as stated in the HHL description.