Game Boy Universal Power Switch

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If installed correctly they do fit the game boy color

I have replaced about 10 already and they will fit if installed correctly. Make sure the edges of the gameboy motherboard and the edge of the power switch line up and they will work just fine.

Brandon Steger
Hot Garbage

I read the other review stating it didn't work for color but let me tell you fine folks it doesn't work for the pocket either. I've had my pocket apart several times trying to solder the switch on just right and its infuriating. It will work for a couple throws and then misalign itself. The switch slider is tiny compared to the original. I hope HHL pulls this product its that bad.

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Not really compatible with Game Boy Pocket

This is essentially a "generic" switch that's been adapted to the Game Boy's motherboard with a PCB. Unfortunately, the generic switch is much shorter than the original, and in my case it didn't reach the outer plastic bit (used to interact with the switch from the outside). Even if it did, it would have only barely made contact, and the PCB also raised it up to the point where extending it longer still didn't help (the plastic bit just slid underneath).

Maybe this works better in other models, but I'd say it's not very suitable for the Pocket. I've attached a photo demonstrating how long the original switch is vs how short the replacement is. Even though it was likely possible to resolder it maybe 1-2mm further up to reach the plastic bit, I'd still consider it a design flaw that the soldering has to be that precise (and as I mentioned earlier, the PCB lifted it too high so extending it didn't help).

I ended up discovering I could take apart the original switch, clean it out, and then after swapping that back in, it worked perfectly, so I'm afraid I can't recommend this replacement.

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Not Compatible with GameBoy Color

Not sure if they changed the design on this recently, or change the switch part number on the PCB, but I can confirm that the 2 switches I just ordered are not compatible with the GameBoy Color. The actual lever of the switch doesn't protrude far enough to rest in the plastic power switch in the GBC case. So it won't be actuated when the case is shut.

Disappointed by this one.

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