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Terry S
Game Gear Capacitor Kit

Very happy with this kit, it was great because I didn't have to worry what version of game gear I had and had enough parts for the board

I'm no gamegear master

I'm not super good at soldering gamegears yet but I've done 2 so far it gets easier the more you do it, the picture below of of the second one I only used a soldering iron, and what's great is the new caps brought the screen and the sound board back to life I plan on screen moddong this gamegear in the future. And I'd also recommend a hot air rework station although it's not necessary ot would make this so much easier.

Jeremy Munger
Great Kit

Used this kit 3 times now and no problems or missing parts!

Eric Farmer
Works perfect

Brought my dead game gear back to life. Easy to install.

Christopher Zenga
CAN be installed with just a soldering iron

Got these recently and installed with just a soldering iron, I have decent experience soldering components but haven’t had the most steady hands due to medications from surgery and was still able to get this done. Believe in yourself and you’ll be playing your game gear in no time!

Great kit would recommend

What can I say, easy to install. Great quality! I know they are small but they worked out great for me. I replaced the caps on my mainboard for my Game Gear and my sound board. Now my Game Gear is Great to go for years to come.