GameCube Controller

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GameCube Controller

Romeo Morsillo
Not bad for the price.

Hey for 16$ it's not a bad controller. It works and doesn't feel very cheap. Buttons just aren't as good as an OEM though.

Mia Sanchez
A Beautiful Gameboy Advance!

I’ve always wanted a modded Gameboy with all the bells and whistles. My partner gifted me a gift card to HandHeld Legend for Christmas so I picked out this bad boy and it’s amazing! It shipped around 6am then very next day, and I had it within 2 days which was pretty incredible. It works amazing, sounds great, and is overall just so cool and I’m so happy to have it in the collection. Worth every bit! :)

Ell Jensen
Pretty good, and with a "hidden" feature

This is what you can expect from a third party Gamecube controller. The buttons feel more stiff, and they are much louder than an original. The Z button is a lot more clicky, which I enjoy. The controller actually has working pads for Slow and Turbo, but they are covered by the shell, if you were to do a bit of modding, you could get them to work, which is why I got mine. The edges of the controller are a bit rough, but besides that, it feels nice, and most importantly, it has been reliable in the weeks that I have owned it, I would recommend this over almost all of the knockoffs (Madcatz)

Came as advertized

came as advertized, tested the controller in gamecube buttontest software and its just as responsive as official controller
Weight feels about the same aswell.
only minor thing is i can hear something plastic move when i shake it

AK Alkubaisi

GameCube Controller