GameCube Controller Buttons

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Customer Reviews

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Look great in controller

Buttons are great and look amazing. Only issue is the z button, doesn't fit the original controller shell.

Very well made!

These buttons are expertly made and feel very close if not on par with the OEM buttons. They fit perfectly in their spots and were very pleasing to look at and use. I had one small issue with the C stick not fitting easily but a little wiggling and it went on and is perfect to use now. Would definitely recommend if you are looking to add a little style to your controllers.

kyle burns
very good buttons

i don’t do a lot of online shopping (i fear it’s reliability) but these buttons exceeded expectations and i trust that my modded console will bring me more joy thanks to this company :) the joysticks were particularly surprising with their hard rubber tips on top of the hard plastic!

Tyler Porter
Didn't work for my needs, but may work for yours

The buttons were of pretty good quality, especially the ABXY buttons. However, I did have issues with the triggers, Z button, and sticks, as they didn't fit the GameCube controllers I had properly, or caused issues and felt a bit odd when put into the controllers (e.g. control stick rubbed against the shell, Z-button was stiff, etc).

I reckon these buttons work nicely with the GameCube controllers they sell here online, so if you own one of those or buy one of them, I recommend these for them.

However if you do not, and are planning to use these on original GameCube controllers, I would probably only recommend them if you are looking for customization on your ABXY buttons, as those shouldnt cause any issues.

Matthew Morgan
quality gear

Great buttons

Jonathan Driggs

Buttons were great! But the Z button wouldn't fit so I just had to use the old purple one