Aftermarket GameCube Wireless Wavebird Controller

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Please note this is a third party product and is not manufactured by Nintendo and does not contain OEM parts. Only recommended for casual gameplay.

A new wireless wavebird controller for your Nintendo GameCube console or Nintendo Switch. Brand new parts including:

  • New controller shell
  • New joysticks and buttons
  • New silicone button pads
  • GameCube cord input (not USB)
  • Does Not include channel wheel

Customize your controller:

  • GameCube buttons
  • Paracord
  • LED Button Ring (illuminates translucent buttons)
  • Wireless: Includes receiver

*See final media photos of angles of controller and receiver. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mostly Works

It’s a serviceable controller for the price but unlike the original model, this one does not allow the user to manually choose a communication channel. I have experienced some noticeable input lag and a few disconnects but nothing too frequent or catastrophic.

Yes! Do it

Everything works! Joysticks feels great! Connecting was smooth with two wireless controllers! The only con is the button for the “a” button doesn’t work every time if you press the bottom edge of it. But if press the middle it works Like the original. This is consistent with both controllers. This quality is expected with Alibaba products! I think if you want a new and wireless this the way to to go.

Calvin Gaskill

Well okay where do I start I messed with it it was what I thought was laggy so I had one of my friends test it out and we both came to the same conclusion that it needs way more work and should be sent back but it's on Fire in the burn pit so that won't be happening

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Kyle Kuhar

Expected response for third party controller, enjoy how it turns off by itself instead of killing the batteries. Great Value

It’s ok

Lower quality than I expected from the price, but it’s ok. Bought a set of buttons to swap out and the replacement A button doesn’t fit well, nor does the Z unfortunately

David P
I was expecting better quality...

I was expecting lower quality in plastic and finish, but found issues that actually affect product's functionality. Joystick is shorter than it should be, so the grip touches the plastic housing, making it hard to move around with full deflection, and also preventing the use of the notches (see photos attached, the blue controller is the wavebird, and the white controller is an original controller). Also the deadzone on the controller is quite large compared to an original controller, but it's fine for casual playing, it just feels over sensitive.

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