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Game Boy GB USB 64M Smart Card | Flash Cart

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Flash games directly onto this smart card and play directly on your Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Advance SP... etc.

- Built in 64M capacity. (2 pages, 32M per page)
- Supports GB / GBC / GBA / GBA sp...etc.
- Supports GB / GBC ROMs. (include LSDJ)
- Multiple game ROMs burning is allowed.
- Connect to PC via USB cable.
- Supports Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7.
- Easy replaceable battery (for SRAM). No soldering is needed.
** Game saver is stored in SRAM. It could only store one game saver at the same time.
** No game ROM is built in the card, nor included in the package.
** Also compatible with GB Transferer I & II.


32 bit 
64 bit
Driver Installation Guide

Game Boy Cart Tool
Multiple Saves

Mini USB cable not included

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