Neo Geo Pocket Color Q5 IPS LCD

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HHL - You’ve Done it Again

As an international customer, I am always grateful for HHL’s excellent customer service. Everything arrives in a reasonable time and no with no issues. Keep up the great work guys and girls. The modding community thanks you!


Neo Geo Pocket Color Q5 IPS LCD

A breeze to install, even the soldering was simple.

What a beautiful IPS screen this is, NPGC games never looked THAT good on the console, I'm very satisfied by the results.

Screen looks great but now I need a bigger battery....

I'm not sure about the best battery option here: it is nice to be able to use standard AA batteries, but they don't provide enough power. A "Clean Juice" lipo kit would nice, but it kind of sucks that you will probably need to cut the case to make it fit.

It wasn't too hard to align the screen, so you really don't have to do the soldering if you get it positioned correctly. You do have to have the OSD if you want to reposition the screen image, though. It is possible to adjust brightness and turn on/off "pixel mode" using just the (pre-soldered) proximity sensors. I soldered the connections for the OSD anyway, but I never use it. btw, "Pixel mode"really looks fantastic; I never turn it off.

Superbe écran pour la neo geo pocket color!

Écran au top! Avec un écran aussi large que celui d’origine (par rapport à l’autre écran qui enlève environ 25% de surface affichable mais qui reste très bien également!)
À noter, l’écran fait 5% de plus que celui d’origine, on touche les pointillés du bord de l’écran mais rien de bien méchant pour jouer ✌️🕹 Merci à l’équipe HHL 👍👍👍

Great solution to a major problem

This is the superior solution. Simple install even if you want to solder the connections for the OSD, which is totally worth it and even intermediate soldering skills can pull it off. I love this solution as it looks great. Just wish I could get the glass screen in the original matching blue color.