Neo Geo Pocket Color Q5 IPS LCD

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work great but strange issue

screen looks great and all functions work. there a strange issue where if you turn off the pocket, it wont boot the next time its turned on. the music plays but the screen is completely dark. after about 30 seconds it will come back on and work as normal. this happens with every game, as well as the pocketGD. this seems to be a known issue with a few users reporting it on reddit.

Works great and looks fantastic

I was initially concerned because the LCD was very scratched up on the metal plate side, but the screen side was fine, and looks great when playing. You will need to rely on the instructions on the order page or youtube videos. I specifically needed to know how to take out the lens and then the original lcd, which required digging a blade under the lens from the front and popping it out, then pushing the lcd out also from the front. This required some extra digging as instructions don't cover that. Took me about 1-2 hours of messing around to install, and was a lot of fun. Feels great to have it working!

Joshua Dionne
Fantastic, modern upgrade

I just did two of these (about a week apart), and they look absolutely fantastic. New lens (preferably glass) is required for the new slightly larger LCD.

The OSD is a bit weird and finicky to use and change settings, but usually you'll only need to use it sparingly. It doesn't seem to separate the inputs from the OSD menu, to whatever the console is doing in the background.

I ran into a small issue with installing, as the kits came with the ribbon between the LCD and driver board were installed upside down. Support helped me out, as I did swap the original LCD and noticed the configuration of the old LCD ribbon.

Another small issue, is running the LCD with the GameDrive Pocket flash cart. Using normal alkalines, there's a bit of a chance the LCD won't turn on for a few seconds, or at all. NiHM batteries seem to fair a bit better, but the increased voltage won't last forever.

I have ordered some rechargeable Li-Ion AAs to see if it will help with that, but otherwise this mod is great!

Would love a no-cut mod, but so far doing that on the OEM shell doesn't seem to be a terrible sacrifice for a vastly superior screen.

Retro Pixel mode should be on all the time. The touch sensors, while a bit difficult to get the paper off, are quick and responsive, though a bit too sensitive at times.

Daikoku Kazutaka

Neo Geo Pocket Color Q5 IPS LCD

Fionna K
Great display for a classic console

The display is beautiful and is a wonderful addition to the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The installation is simple enough. I didn’t solder the wires but I didn’t really see the need for them in my own install.

Steve Jaworski
HHL - You’ve Done it Again

As an international customer, I am always grateful for HHL’s excellent customer service. Everything arrives in a reasonable time and no with no issues. Keep up the great work guys and girls. The modding community thanks you!