SEGA Game Gear CleanScreen - RetroSix

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It is a bright, beautiful and power-saving LCD. It's the best.

Video Game Restoration
Beautiful Screen

This screen looks great and is really easy to install (Even without the easy install kit!) The price is also great compared to the McWill

Charles Billo
With new screen cover = 10x better!

Incredible that the 90's games had such great graphics potential but never saw it - until now! WELL WORTH the upgrading price! The no mess flex cable was a cinch, too! I'm in love with the CHAKAN, Aleste 2, and ECCO 2 look on what's basically a modern times Game Gear! Can't wait to check out my other games, like JP and X-Men! Perfect for camping/long trips!

Mostly straight-forward installation

Works great!

Installation was fine thanks to online videos; naturally, connecting it to the two tiny pins where the original monitor's ribbon cable went was the trickiest part.

After determining the pins' locations, I used kapton tape to isolate them from their neighboring pins and then used some to secure the ribbon in place while I soldered a bit of wire to bridge the connections. I didn't have a steady enough hand so that was my work-around, but it worked just fine!

I particularly enjoy how it seems to auto-adjust the screen settings for SMS games to minimize the large amounts of overscan!

Awesome very accommodating service

HHL very helpful gave option to buy just the bracket for the screen thank you

Matthew Cook
Easy until...

This was a very easy mod up until soldering to the 9 pin for the LCD. I ruined my game gear attempting this. Hopefully a new version accounts for this. Otherwise a great product.