SEGA Game Gear CleanScreen - RetroSix

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Looks amazing, super easy install! But...

Compared to the original Game Gear screen, this thing is a serious upgrade. Significantly clearer picture, and makes what is sometimes a strenuous console to play super fun and relaxed. There are a couple caveats however. First, the 3d printed mounting kit wasn't great. My screen fell out several times during installation. Second, much like others have complained, installing the kit as instructed on the RetroSix wiki leads to the issue of the ribbon cable being too short. I simply took the CS board out and plugged the screen in separate from the console, then slid them into place. Fit just fine then, but the ribbon cable is flexed slightly as a result. Otherwise, great mod, a must have for the GG.

Damion Carveiro
Clean screen!

Awesome screen, easy to install.

Seth gaertner
Lcd Screen too short

The lcd from handheld legend was also too short and somehow crooked as well. Thinking about buying direct from retrosix.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Clayton Coleman
Ribbon Cable too short

The ribbon cable on the screen is not long enough to reach the connect properly when it is installed in the included brackets.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Timmy Auer
CleanScreen! 🤘

The RetroSix CleanScreen was super easy to install and looks awesome!

Brandon Steger
Solid screen option

I like this solution, Its a TFT so the colors and contrast arent QUITE as good as an IPS but its very comparable and honestly just as good to most people. Install is easier to hardwire although the instructions can be a little obtuse in some places. Its a good option if you are already buying things from HHL anyway and dont want to wait forever for an iPS to come from Austrailia.