SEGA Game Gear CleanScreen - RetroSix

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Jorge H.
They should keep the documentation updated...

The product by itself works well. However, it didn't come with the wire-free ribbons. It was concerning as neither in the documentation, or in the purchase page itself this is mentioned at all. The wire-free kit is mentioned far more in the documentation than the wired installation, so it was a surprise to me to find out the wire-free kit isn't included. I had to buy it directly from RetroSix (their provider) which added non-contemplated costs and taxes to what should be a direct transaction.

What can I say about the kit? It's good. Does its work. Not much to say. Just be careful when purchasing from Handheld Legend.

Matthew Cook
Easy until...

This was a very easy mod up until soldering to the 9 pin for the LCD. I ruined my game gear attempting this. Hopefully a new version accounts for this. Otherwise a great product.

Presley Bright
Intermediate level installation, expert level results.

I purchased this display along with a capacitor replacement kit and wireless kit. I am absolutely floored by the difference this modification makes to the Game Gear! The installation was simple enough for someone with soldering experience but I would not recommend for beginners. My only real complaint is that the ribbon cable for the screen has zero slack and feels like it may eventually fail.

Better finish than fit

End result is great. Overall I love it, but the tolerance and alignment for the screen cable is not good, and I feel like it might be a point of failure down the road. It's almost too short and doesn't line up perfectly resulting in stress points where it goes over the driver board ICs. That said, it works and it works well!

Heather Kent
Great device with a couple small issues

This screen makes your Game Gear look amazing. Installation is straight forward and the quick solder ribbons really help keep the installation clean. I had to remove some poorly printed areas of the 3D printed brackets to make the screen fit properly. The ZIF socket for the screen cable doesn't quite line up properly, putting a bit of stress on the cable and making it difficult to connect.

Bradley Williams
I destroyed 2 of my gamegear va1 By trying to installing this mod

I destroyed 2 of my gamegear va1 By installing this mod my pin 9 and 8 solder pad are gone now I have to buy an other va1 gamegear that is va1 and recapped before I do I am going look around and see if I can fine some one online can do this mod for me, I wish y’all got service that can do this mod for me yes i follow the guide but the guide isn't very clear to me