McWill Sega Game Gear LCD Kit

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VGA Out Is Pretty Neat

Installed one of these while also using the VGA port (and Genesis controller port - not included in this kit) for a commission job I worked on and it turned out great. The McWill LCD looks significantly better (brighter & more saturated colors) than the clone McWill kits. One thing to note is as of the time of this review, I was sent board version 3.1. While nothing was different about the LCD install, the VGA out now requires a SPST switch to go back and forth between LCD out & VGA out instead of using the contrast knob to switch between the two. This means more case modifications to look and work properly. Good thing I had a few switches on hand!!

Ultimate display

I bought a few of the led backlight replacement boards , hoping that it would be easier , until I got enough courage to install this one... Long story short seems like I damaged the original screen , perhaps while trying to take out the glue with a x-acto knife.... This mod is tough but doable. My only complaint is about lack of clarification of the model number that is being sold as currently the site points out to 2.x version documentation. When I asked support about it I was told that it was the latest batch from February and upon further examination I assume I either have a 3.0 or a 3.1 model. So I followed instruction for 3.1 as found in console5 website and it worked first time! Dunno the actual differences in 3.x versions and still baffled about the 4th button connection (perhaps deprecated in 3.1) anyway the product is perfect and modern as it is but needs more clarification about the current version and point the differences across all revisions , this happens in other sites though and I'm giving 4 stars because of that

I haven't done the vga output yet ... 3.1 mentions a needed switch which is not included... So that add up to the confusion

For reference I got a red pcb with the mcwill logo and copyright from 2020

Fantastic LCD

Would recommend this LCD to anyone looking to upgrade there Game Gear.

Fantastic screen, great instructions

The board and screen are very well made and the instructions are very straight forward and explained well.

It lives!

Totally revived my old and worn out Game Gear. It is definitely not for folks who have little experience soldering, but after careful work and rechecked connections the outcome is amazing. My handheld is once more a joy to play.

Works great and VGA add-on is lovely

I lucked out with my particular motherboard and did not need to remove a lot of components as the single chip ones. Even though it was simpler, this mod was very timely and requires a lot of double checking of your steps. I received version 2 of the Mcwill kit and found the assembly to be straightforward though having to align and solder the board into place was trial and error. I had the screen slightly misaligned and took about three attempts of adjusting to feel like it was properly set. The wiring can get messy if you are not carful. I also decided to install the VGA port as well and that makes the modding even more timely. Overall I am very pleased with the results. I'm excited to have the GG handheld running as it really makes the mod worth it if you up for the task!