Game Boy Variable Clock Module | LTC1799

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so much fun!

I ended up pairing this is a different crystal and OMG... this gameboy looks silly but having that analog knob to change the clock speed is so satisfying!

Installed on Gameboy Color, with no major issues.

After finding out this is a super small ltc1799 chip, i wanted to try installing it into a gbc, since i hear those handle changing clock speed a bit better than DMG. Found the solder points online, and managed to cram it all into the side of the shell. Doing this and the sound mod are a great combo, and a little easier process than the DMG. I might try squeezing a front light in there eventually, but it was pretty tight from my install. I plan on installing a few more of these, so i'll update regarding how those installs also go.

Works on gbc

From the order to my door was fast with no issues. Product it’s self needs a little solder experience (requires a fine tip as the clock on my gbc is close to other things that could potentially get touched in the process) I took off the pot and ran wires to the pot in my vacant speaker cavity. The board itself will fit almost perfectly in place of the ir sensor cover, with removal of the leds and a slight trim with an exacto knife on the ridges inside it can slide in and close up nicely. Leaving the button on the outside of the ir on the top. All in all product works but the knob for the pot is too large.