Xeno GC Modchip For GameCube (xenogc, xen8gc)

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Customer Reviews

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Ben Overcash
Worked perfectly

I installed it to the side using 30 AWG wires. Pre-tinned everything before starting, went together quick and easy.

Connor Raymond
Have hot air ready

After a botched initial install, I desoldered what I could with braid and then blasted it with hot air for thirty seconds. The second install, with proper cleaning and tinning, went just fine. If there's a problem with the chip it's that holding start won't bring up a usable shell because I think I read the chip's shell is displayed in PAL and my console is NTSC.

David Blackstone
Failed to install, first time soldering

I had a bit of trouble installing the product to the board, ended up burning through the circuit and making it impossible to reuse. I’m sure the product would work perfectly had I installed it correctly

Matthew Aldrovandi
Easy to install

Easy install with even basic soldering skills. Offers a whole new level of Gamecube enjoyment.

Ryan Vane
Fantastic product and easy install

Install took less than 10 minutes and works like a charm. Product was received fast and in excellent condition.

Daniel G
Past my soldering skills and tools

As a novice solderer, thought I would give this a try but between my shaky hands, only having desoldering braid to remove mistakes, and limited diagnostics I've given up installing this chip and will just buy pre-modded. The chip would be better if it had dividers where you solder the sides of a single hole and alignment printings on the PCB. Got the solid red light (never blinked or changed color) and holding start on power up with an original disc never showed anything. Think I know which point failed, but was unable to remove the solder because of this wireless design I should have just used wires. A guide for testing continuity of each solder point would have helped. I could only assume I got power and ground correct. Also pretty confident I adjusted the laser pot correctly, using a multimeter to check the ohms resistance (ohms guidance varies widely).

Plus side is I can still play original games so it feels like my loss is minimal, especially considering how affordable the chip is.