Xeno GC Modchip For GameCube (xenogc, xen8gc)

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Customer Reviews

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Juan Hernandez

Great, works great. Got 3 of them. I RUIN 1 chip, but that's my fault. 2 out of three.

James Schlitt
Do the wired install

I had an awful couple hours trying to fit and refit the one I purchased with no luck due to the loose tolerances of the mod chip. This is a common issue for these XEN8 chips, and a quick Google will show a lot of people had the same issue. Eventually I ruined the solder points on the chip as well as one of the DVD board, had to remove it, and bought another elsewhere.

That one I installed via magnet wire using alternate test points as needed and had it work on the first try.

I love the idea of these direct mount chips, but they work so much worse on a 1mm silicon substrate rather than a .1mm membrane board, especially for more modern, surface mount host boards.

Ben Overcash
Worked perfectly

I installed it to the side using 30 AWG wires. Pre-tinned everything before starting, went together quick and easy.

Connor Raymond
Have hot air ready

After a botched initial install, I desoldered what I could with braid and then blasted it with hot air for thirty seconds. The second install, with proper cleaning and tinning, went just fine. If there's a problem with the chip it's that holding start won't bring up a usable shell because I think I read the chip's shell is displayed in PAL and my console is NTSC.

David Blackstone
Failed to install, first time soldering

I had a bit of trouble installing the product to the board, ended up burning through the circuit and making it impossible to reuse. I’m sure the product would work perfectly had I installed it correctly

Matthew Aldrovandi
Easy to install

Easy install with even basic soldering skills. Offers a whole new level of Gamecube enjoyment.