Game Boy CleanAmp v1.2 Audio Amplifier

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Missing channels and fuzzy noise

(Game Boy DMG) Maybe I did something wrong or my soldering skills aren't on par, but I ended up with missing sound channel(s) and at louder volume it was fuzzy and crackling. Would be nice if it came with the required wiring or maybe pre-soldered to the amp. Uninstalled it. Maybe a better version will be released in the future.

Nus Vang
Bump It Up!

Gave me more than enough noise throughout the room. Way louder than my Sony Xperia 1 iii phone. I had mine mounted on the back like you would with a retromodded amp.

Excellent Amplifier

Amplifier works great. It is VERY small though, which isn't a downside to the quality of the product, plus you want it small to fit in the case. The small size does mean the install is a little more demanding as you need steady hands and more specialized soldering tools.

Andrew M
Get LOUD on your GBC

Super easy install if you have fine-gauge wire and good soldering skills/tools - the audio jack connection is tricky if you don't. Everything about it is smaller than I anticipated.

This thing gets plenty loud on the default setting - I can't imagine using the "loud" mode jumpers. I used to play at 75%+ volume just to hear it in a relatively quiet space, now I rarely go above 30% or so. Does everything it is supposed to, and I have no discernable background noise with the power reg and big cap replaced.

Josh Baumbach
Super loud but super awesome,

This little board is a lot smaller than it seems in the pics. Very small solder pads. Sounds great tho. Will be buying more.

The Absolute Best for GBA SP!

Here to write another stellar review for this amp as it is great and solved a problematic SP audio issue for me. I have been troubleshooting an SP audio issue for some time now. Have two SPs both with same audio mods including, retrosix SP dehum kit and Heldertech flex amp. Both have major audio issues. They started clean but then began to get more and more distorted speaker audio over time. Lots of other problems too, like audio takes a while to charge up, battery indicator goes on and off with amp, loud popping when on and off, burning speaker coils, etc. It became unbearable, performed tons of troubslehooting including removing and installing all components several times, burning through several speakers, a couple fuses, and in the end the resolution for me was to remove the dehum kit and use this amp instead of the flex amp. The audio issues persisted even without modifications, all parts uninstalled, on my particular SPs but not after installing this amp. If they come back with this amp I will write an update but finally it sounds so good. So close to an ultimate SP! Added a headphones jack and it rocks! Thank you thank you, love this amp!