Game Boy CleanAmp v1.1 Audio Amplifier

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Josh R.
PLAY IT LOUD (Really loud!)

Great little add-on, especially for those whisper-quiet GBC units. Get revenge on your parents who always told you to turn it down by making your handheld almost offensively loud! Like, feel it vibrate your system loud. Easy install, great addition to your build!

Note: My pic is a little deceiving, the wires actually need to be positioned up against the back of the headphone jack to fit inside the case properly. If using the FunnyPlaying clear speaker, trim the wires to get a perfect fit to place the board on top. Use double-sided tape to keep the amp in place!

Fox Reno
Fragile and difficult to install.

Feel free to blame my soldering skills, but the pads on this seem very fragile. I bought 2 and they lifted on both, effectively destroying them, even using the recommended wire. I don't recommend this upgrade considering it is a small improvement for a very difficult modding job. I would use this if there were a flexible PCB version available, not in its current state.
If you do purchase it, be sure to also get a noise-removal kit, as these systems are noisy and the amp will boost the noise as well. It also requires wire and does not come with adhesive to attach the chip in place.
I did manage to get one to work, but ultimately ended up removing it from my setup before closing the system back up.

Christopher Santos
Very happy with the result!

Easy to install as long as you are comfortable using a soldering iron. Recommend getting thebKynar Hook Up Wire with the purchase.
The sound is really loud and clean.


I have zero experience soldering and I pulled it off. Just take your time. I already ordered another couple for my next projects. Super loud too.

Michael Henderson
Works great!

The amp is a very easy install, and makes a huge difference in volume and clarity!

Ryan McDuffie
great mod

With a little bit of soldering, this thing was up and running great new sound for my Gameboy mod. Highly recommend!