Game Boy Advance IPS V2 Kit - Unbranded

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Jose Parra
ISP V2 Kit

Finally caved and got the ISP V2 kit and got the ready shells for it. It was so easy to install and the difference is night and day!

Bryan Horne
Good but didn’t work for mine

I’m not saying this product wouldn’t work for other people but for me the ribbon cable connector to the motherboard was flipped so the one that fit was on the bottom so when I finished the mods the ribbon cable was pretty much kinked which made the new screen unplayable since the bottom cable had to reach all the way up

Zachariah Quam
IPS V2 Kit

Awesome kit came with everything and for someone like me, who never modded anything, it was very easy.

Brandon M.
Very happy with items!

Everything I ordered was shipped very quickly and came with excellent protective packaging. All parts worked exactly as intended. No complaints at all! I'd definitely recommend to a friend and order from this store again.

Matthew Ball
Great display

Easy to install and a vibrant, beautiful screen. Please remember, however, if paired with the new shells that the Start/Select button area will need trimming to have the hardware set correctly.

Matt F
Exactly What I Was Hoping For

This screen worked without a hitch. So vibrant that I hardly even recognize the gameplay (in a good way). Installing was a little nerve wracking but if you take your time and follow directions carefully you should not run into any issues. I did not do any soldering so I cannot speak for the brightness adjustment functionality, but plugging in as-is works great indoors and outdoors.