Game Boy Advance IPS V2 Kit - Unbranded

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great looking lcd screen

i love the kits and it was abit simple to put in. i did mess up and had my soldier iron set to 400 which lead to getting pad burnt off of. but after i completed the build i was so amaze of it.

Evan Collins
Game Changer

This is the screen we all wish we had as kids. Works perfectly, was fairly simple to install. Could probably use some instructions but everything only goes in one way so all you need to do is test fit. I did not hook up the brightness adjustment but it doesn't really need it, the default is perfect for all but the darkest conditions. I bought several GBAs from Yahoo Auctions so I will definitely be ordering more of these kits in the future.

Excellent- It just works.

Super fast shipping.

I had the new display and new case installed within an hour of it arriving at my home.

Getting the 3 wires soldered is a bit hairy for a novice- really only for the TP2 connection- I had trouble with that one and I don't know if it ultimately worked- I do have brightness control but it doesn't work quite as it is supposed to - Select by itself will decrease brightness and select+R shoulder will brighten- Kind of weird but it works, no problem.

Very happy that Handheld legend brought life back to my old GBA-

Thank you-

Excellent quality

Good product. Helpful tutorials. First time modified a game boy advance.

Matthew Magalhaes
Quick & Crisp

This was my first mod project and I was feeling a bit intimidated but the materials came in quickly and there was detailed instructions available on the website. Install went smooth and now I have a new clear, crisp display. Very happy with the quality of the screen and the care that went into shipping it. Packaged well. Would recommend to friends.

Christian Pate
Very solid Product, quality is very good.

This was my first IPS kit I've ever bought, and I had some trouble aligning it and I adhered the ribbon cable to the back of the screen using double sided tape and ended up having to peel it off and realign the ribbon tape as well as I had placed it crooked. While it was nerve-wracking, it was very simple and the screen looks great. I highly recommend the bracket they sell as well, it aligns the screen perfectly and removes 99% of the difficulty in installing the mod.