Game Boy Advance IPS LCD V2 Kit - Unbranded

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Gerald Talachy

Game Boy Advance IPS LCD V2 Kit - Unbranded

Kelvin Zambrana
Screen is Amazing!

I love the new look of my gba screen! The 9 levels of brightness is amazing. It’s crazy these devices didn’t release with these features but, I’m more than happy now!

Leonardo Paglionico
Freacking awesome

Amazing stuff the only problem is a bit of luck of documentation, I took half an hour to understand how to apply the tempered glass (it's not that easy to remove the white glass protection, but maybe it's just me!)
Cool also the shipment. It's a pity to pay an extra fee for customs (i live in italy). Y Us and Italy doesn't have a better deal in terms of shipment...? Sorry this is off topic.
God job guys.

Zack Gurganus
GBA ips

Great and easy installation. Will be buying again

Lakota Jones

Amazing upgrade I messed up the brightness switch but it’s still great !

Courtney Overbey
Not for beginners....

As the title states, get some soldering skills under your belt before doing this mod. I'm a novice, and it didnt go perfectly. It does work. I just dont have brightness controls. Couldn't get one solder point to stay soldered, and after two hours, gave up on that. Otherwise, I'm pleased with the outcome. The ribbon cable kinda sucks if you have one that requires the funky bend/twist thing, but it works, it's back together, and I ain't taking it apart again lol.