Game Boy Advance Shell

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James Alderton
Cheap Quality

My shell looks nice, but the plastic is much lower quality than my OEM shell. I ended up having to trim parts of the shell to get it to fit together correctly as there were leftover plastic bits from the molding process. The screws don't go in very well either When I was putting in the screw by the battery compartment the plastic started to wear thin and turn white on the surface, which ruined the shell for me. The window for the screen lens is a little too large too which means you will have to be more careful when installing it or risk blocking part of the screen.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Fed Up & Screwed Up

The screw posts on these shells need serious retooling. Trying to put the shell together for the first time is an exercise in madness. The provided screws don't go in well at all, and if you try to use your original screws that will go even worse. Be prepared to ruin all your screws and screwdrivers, damage the shell, and spend hours fighting with this nightmare. At least the color looks nice and it's the right size.

Brett Thornbury
There’s a slight problem

The slot where the cartridge is inserted is bent slightly inwards.

Jeremie Martens
L & R issues

I received my package and to my septise the L & R buttons that it came with didn't work. They would stick and that's about it. Had to put the original Buttons from the doner system I pulled the motherboard from.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Courtney Overbey
Not bad

Was a little tight lining up the holes and tightening down the screws, but not too bad. My advice would be to start the screw holes, take them back out, then assemble. That's my plan for next time.

Damaged shell

My gba shell has a broken piece of plastic under left button won’t press down