Game Boy Advance Shell

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Joel Matthews
Not what I expected

It's awesome that it comes with new buttons and a sticker and all, but the screws are nearly impossible to get in straight and the Left Trigger came with a bent metal piece, and the area around it was damaged. It took a lot of effort to get it together, in the end.

Marco Bassetti

Game Boy Advance Shell

David Casterline
Great Shell

Was difficult to get it to fully snap together. I had to use a lot of strength to super-tighten the screws in order for the shell not to be loose.

Charles Donley
Love It

No Issues what so ever 10/10 love it will be getting another one soon


Thank you.

I love all my items from my purchase, and appreciate the service from HHL. Definitely my go to.

Jake White
Low Quality Mold

The shell just doesn't really fit together without a decent gap between both sides. If you screw it down *really* tight it almost fits as well as OEM, but then it impedes the function of L/R buttons. (Speaking of buttons, the ones included with this kit maybe fit better but they feel so incredibly cheap that I used OEM buttons).

EDIT: After fully completing this build, I'll say the gap is tolerable enough to give this one 3*. Ultimately though the Retrosix shells are probably better.