Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Replacement for Game Boy Advance SP

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Coen Evans
Tight fit

Tight fit and very difficult to remove. Works great once in

Dennis Wurster
A little snug, but fully functional!

Thickness was just fine, no trouble getting the battery cover reinstalled. a little snug on the long-edges. /Might/ have been able to shave off the label to make it fit just a bit better, but with some very gentle persuasion, it installed without trouble. Happily charging now. An easy way to rejuvenate an old GBA-SP AGS-01. :-)

Ted R
Too Large for OEM Shells

It can work but the fit can be described as "very uncomfortable" due to its size.
It is way too exact. So it can work but its too large for my liking.

Art Belghali
Battery doesn't fit at all

Bought this to replace my old OEM battery, the new battery wouldn't even fit into the OEM shell or even the aftermarket shell I had. I do not feel comfortable forcing in the battery as that is something that one should never do, it risks destroying the battery itself or even the shell in some cases.

Contacted support, Support refunded.

Thank you for contacting support! I hope we were able to resolve this for you. :)

Scott Richardson
Tight Fit

I installed this in a Classic NES SP after I noticed the original batter was starting to swell. It was a very tight fit, but I angled in the contact-side first and forced it in with my thumbs and I was able to screw the door back on without issue. I imagine getting it out is going to be rough, and god help me if I don't get it out before this one eventually swells. Still, it does the job.

Stephen Briggs

Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Replacement for Game Boy Advance SP